Attack animations -- correcting them

Hello everyone.

This may seem like I am nitpicking, but I think that the Teutonic Knight’s animation needs to be adjusted slightly. The fact that the TK sheath’s his sword every time he makes a strike looks odd to me. I think that the animation can be modified so that he does NOT always sheath his sword with EVERY sword strike.

Secondly, for ALL animations in general, I would like to see the devs make all animations timed correctly with the rate of damage that is being dealt. If a unit is dealing 8 damage per second, then let the attack animation also match that same rate of speed! Oftentimes units are inflicting damage at a slower rate than what their visible attack animation is showing on the screen.

I know that these things seem but trifles…but for a game that has been redesigned into a DEFINITIVE EDITION for the 2020s, I think that the devs can afford to make few visual perfections, so that this wonderful videogame looks more neat and polished.


Bro they didn’t bother adding decay graphics and just probably used an AI to generate a “sink” animation why just cutting away pieces of the dead body bit by bit. What makes you think that they would code it that if I use a trigger to give a Militia 1 attack per second that the attack animation gets played each time.
Even tho it’s already possible with archers

So, we need beta TK back ! :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure that during the beta not only TK used different animations, but also Teuton theme sounded different.


Yea I noticed this too… it is odd but alas I don’t think they will change it. There are still a bunch of these little issues with the game that will probably never be fixed… I think the samurai’s attack is also the same if I remember correctly. They also sheath the sword after every swing.

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I prefer the normal one most of the time. However, I do think that it would be nice if they used the alternate version when he is either fighting, or has been in a fight in the last 10/20 seconds.

The attack animation has a shift in time to the hit event in the simulation.
The amount of shift is not known so far and it’s volatile also.
But the rate is the same, if there are 10 hits, there are 10 attack animations.

There is another inconvience related to this: Your game client can show you that you got the first hit in a scout war, but you can still die. See scout.mp4 - YouTube

I don’t know why the exactly timed animations form AoK are no more.

If it can be fixed, it would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

The cuman uu shooting arrows out of its head should get corrected too.


The original aoe2 had different idle and attack animations for units depending on which direction they were facing. I think that was a pretty neat and overlooked feature of the og game.

So cool! Thank you for sharing this!

Honestly, the actually design of the Teutonic Knight looks better because the cape stands out more. But I like al the Alternate design has the sword unsheathed, ready to strike for a fight, just like the Militia-line units do.

Perhaps the current Teutonic Knight design can be tweaked to incorporate a hybrid of both designs?

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On that subject: I also think that Samurai swords in DE are waaaaaay too curved, as if they were purposely exaggerated in their curvature to make them stand out (I further believe this by how large the crossbow bolts of the Arbalester’s crossbow looks on the weapon before being discharged). Of course, some samurai swords were known to have extreme curves like that occasionally, and medieval Japanese art itself would depict samurai swords very curved like shown in-game. But I really think that the OG Samurai design from HD was more accurate in depicting what a medieval Samurai looked like correctly.

The only thing DE Samurai gets right is in removing the bright shininess of the OG Samurai away and replacing it with darker color tones, to better reflect the black-dark brown color that medieval Japanese warriors had on thier armor.

They can make AI harder and thus single player lover’s life harder and can’t fix such things. Sad.