Attack/armour/health icons meaning?

Do thee little cross things signal upgrades?


So here it’s saying one health upgrade and one attack upgrade have been researched for the mangudai but 0 armour upgrades?

My impression is that it’s supposed to give an indication of the relative strength of the unit for players who are new. It doesn’t seem very useful to be honest.


Yeah, I think they should make the pips actually represent upgrades. So you could see right there how many total upgrades there are for each thing and how many are done or missing. As it is now they are mostly useless.

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At first I thought it was meant to represent from which age the unit was from. E.g.: 1 pip dark age, 2 feudal, etc.

Those pop-ups with more details tell a lot and almost nothing at the same time, it’s weird.

Curious if they are effected by saints blessing or other buffs?

This UI gives me cancer, hope the person (s) that design this UI never touches any dawn of war in future

Hopefully, this isn’t explained poorly-- looks borderline conspiracy theorist styled in design.

Edit-- I should add more info- The stars are a rating system. They are spanned across all units-- For example, 110HP is considered to under 2 stars- making it a 1 star unit. – At 2 stars that is at or above 130hp.

This also applies to Defense and attack. – Defense is a combination of ranged and melee defense; Attack is also tiered-- If the unit has ranged and melee, those would probably factor into the rating of the unit. What is also probably factored in is attack speed. As the war Elephant only has 1 star for attack, but 31 attack.

Another unit here for example
You can see that the 230 HP gives it a rating of 3 stars because it falls within a range.
The 5 Melee and 6 Range Defense gives it a rating of 3 and 36 attack gives it a 5 star rating.

These rating do not show upgrades-- its just rates the stats.

The below isn’t accurate-- Just an example.
0-110 HP = 1 star
120-200 = 2 stars
200-300= 3 stars
and so on

So a war elephant–

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Genius! :slight_smile: Yeah the UI could be a bit clearer.

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Yeah, it could be. But you could click a unit then an enemy unit, at a glance you could see if you’re about to get rolled

It would be way more useful if there was one pip for each possible upgrade, so like health would have a pip for the hardened/veteran/elite upgrades and the university one that gives health.

Then the pips would actually show you exactly how many times each stat has been upgraded and how many are missing.

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yeah or just give us a +4 etc indicating upgrades on attack. I think AOE2 had this? A good way to judge if your enemy is better upgraded than you.

If you add all those lips it will just be data overload. Having a ranged rating system is easier to understand at a glance.

IE if you have 15 knights and they have 15 knights. You see you have 4 star attack rating and he has 5… You might want to avoid that. You could also just compare the associated numbers but at a glance the stars work better Imo

In most cases that would not add any pips. Currently there are 5 on everything.

The current vague 5 star rating system is pretty much useless. I’ve tested and one attack or defense upgrade often doesn’t add a pip.

Well it’s not vague if you know the basics of what they represent.

If unit x has 4 stars in the health row and yours has two— what vagueness is there? You would be confused as to which one has more health? If they are both 4 stars then you’d know both units are similar in health.

And an upgrade may not add a star if it doesn’t move into a new rating range. If you look at my previous post you can see that

They need to place smth, so they placed random values.

Where is the break point between 3 and 4 stars? It is vague, it just tells me a very rough comparison between units, it is not very useful.

There is a big number that is even easier to see than the pips right there so no I will not be confused, but the pips also did nothing to help.

Yes that is my point, that is why the pips are pretty useless. If I want to check on my own unit or an enemy unit quickly to see how upgraded they are the pips do not tell me that. I need to memorize all the numbers for every unit and just look at those to know. If the pips did correspond to upgrades, which is what I would be wanting to know, then they would actually be useful.

I do not see how you could possibly argue that the current implementation is more useful than what I am saying.

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If its used at a Glance, which is what typically a 5 star rating system would be used for-- Then a rough comparison is all it needs to do-- otherwise, if you want more detail, you can literally look to the left of that rating and SEE the exact health.

Subjective-- I typically glance at the stars.

It is? To it tells me it is not in the next tier compared to the enemy unit and that I should be on my toes a bit more. I use the 5 star system-- because a fully upgraded Spearman is not the same as another unit from the castle age that isn’t upgraded yet. – The rating system goes across ALLLL of the units. So at a glance, you can tell – whoa, this unit is far outclassed than this unit… because if you look at all the stats specifically, you are looking at the health, the melee armor, the ranged armor, and the attack. Looking at 3 sets of stars is easier.

There is no point in showing the upgrades on the unit.

It doesn’t always tell you that though. We’ve already demonstrated that the same unit could be a tier higher in areas and the pips will NOT show that because the next tier happens to not surpass the hidden threshold.

The pips also don’t tell you enough to determine how two different types of units will fare against each other due to bonus damage that some units have against others.

I think this says enough that further discussion is probably pointless. Go watch any high level player and listen when they check enemy units, they are literally always checking for what upgrades are in. That is the one thing they are checking


Not a tier higher in upgrade-- I mean a tier higher in rank.

Can you point to a time stamp in a video where they are? – I mean for me, being casual-- I look at the Star rating and it hasn’t really steered me wrong. Fully upgraded Knights, will destroy veteran spearmen.