Attack move improvements

With attack move I mean the one which makes your unit attack nearest enemies in that position.

  1. Like in league of legends, when you have mouse anywhere on the screen, and you press A (or other keyboard which you assigned), immediately without requiring any click, the attack move command would go under your current mouse position.
    (If you click it in UI, only then you have to do second click onto ground)

  2. Attack move NEVER targets just one unit. Even when your mouse is over enemy unit, it ignores the unit and sets it on the ground under the unit.
    (I have seen some players who didn’t understand that even attack move click-on-single-unit will make their army just circle running around enemy army)

  3. Buildings should have possibility to set Rally-with-attack-move, so that when enemy swarmed your production buildings, your freshly created units would fight immediately after they are spawned, because they tend to just die in 3 seconds, not fighting, just trying to go to the position you have set for the bulding (forgot how it is called).

  4. This one I’m unsure of, but what if, when you set attack move onto some position, your units would try to attack stuff close to THAT position, and not to THEIR position, because, often times it happens that you have like many ranged units, which you order to attack move about 20 tiles away where enemy units are, BUT, they don’t go there, because they keep shooting their arrows to the mining camp which is in their way. But really don’t know if this one should be changed, but maybe just considered how to improve.

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yeah the attack move in this game compared to 2 and 3 is for lack of a better term dogshit.