Attack move is bugged and that's why archers are overperforming

As said in the title, attack move is bugged and makes your archers move considerably faster. That’s one of the biggest reason why archers are overperforming.
Just wanted to let as much people as possible knoe about this


That’s true but only half the truth.
Archers are clearly overperforming, even civs that used to avoid going Archers play generically into Crossbows. Not just because of the poor pathing of melee units compared to AOC, but also because of the map we have. Arabia now has 4 to 5 tiles-thick woodlines, making an Archer-strat too rewarding, basically no risk, even without Fletching you can punish an idle a whole woodline. This wasn’t the case back in AOC Arabia. But developers seem to enjoy the current pseudo aggressive Skirmishers meta, so let it be.


I think it’s much absurb then you thought, nowadays 7 archers can win 5 knights with micro (basically imagine that they shoot while moving), that is pretty insane.

Yea I think that should be fixed as a bug (I don’t think it happened a few months ago)

Afaik it has always been possible in DE. I’ve heard 2k+ players talking about it months ago and using it months ago, people just did not know about this.

It is 100% a bug, but a bug that makes thebarcher so incredibly better that it should be istantly patched

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I think they have changed it. But I’m not sure, I used stop move micro before.
I heared that there was some change going on when certain streamers pointet out that they don’t want to use attack move as it added a little delay to the units. So I think devs tried to fix that and in that process made attack move op.

But I’m not sure, it’s only what I heared.

Nevertheless yeah it’s totally op currently and needs to be fixed.

(btw stop move micro is also kinda op, but that’s another discussion)

oh thats why everyone and their grandmother goes crossbows!


It seems like the attack delay is being cancelled, at least when it comes to movement. I think everyone loves seeing their crossbows immediately respond to an attack command, and everyone hates to see their melee units hopeless meander in front of sprinting crossbows. Probably the easiest improvement would be to make attacks responsive but non-interruptible. This means that units begin their attack animation without any delay, but they are unable to cancel and can’t move until until the attack animation is complete. Pathing is a whole other can of worms… the simplest improvement I can think of is to have a retargeting check whenever movement is blocked, prioritizing targets that are not behind the colliding unit.

Attack move is fixed


Survivalist’s attack move video shows a group of archers moving slowly without attack move because a few archers keep changing position in the formation. When using attack move, the archers move at normal speed since none of them change their position in the formation. I think there is also a small difference in the attack delay. But the main issue is that knights keep bumping into each other as they chase archers.
I disagree with making units feel less responsive to attack commands. In an era of low latency, everyone expects units to respond to their commands immediately. In this video, LowkoTV says he prefers SC2 to AOE4 because the units don’t feel as responsive. So, I think making xbows feel less responsive is the wrong direction for the game.
Instead, we could make archers and cav archers move slower. According to this wiki , Man-at-arms have a base speed of 0.9 and archers have a base speed of 0.96 even though they both move on foot. Similarly, Knights have a base speed of 1.35 while CA have a base speed of 1.4 even thought they are both riding cavalry. This concept is about to be extended to the new DLC where EAs are getting 0.9 base speed just to be faster than BE which have a base speed of 0.85. They are both riding elephants, why do melee elephants have to be slower than ranged elephants? I cannot think of any logical reason why ranged units need to be faster than their melee counterparts. Only the camel archer is slower than the camel rider.
I suggest making archers and cav archers slower (by 0.05 or 0.1 whichever is necessary to make up for bad melee pathing) so that melee units can take better engagements against them even if they use attack move micro.

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would love to see this, that being said, MAA with squires are 0.04 faster than archers(not enough imo)

with knights and BE, i think the logic is that they all have heavy armour that slows the unit down. CA “need” the speed to be able to shoot and move away, since frame delay is already there to kind of cater for the speed difference

aoe4 has terrible unit responsiveness for a new game, aoe2 isnt a new game so its slightly more acceptable

i feel this is more of a stop gap, until melee pathing can be rectified. IF it is ever fixed, than archers might in turn need re-tweaking

really hate this. wish it would just be resolved