Attack Move | Is it Hotkey + Right Click OR Left Click?

Is there a difference in the behavior when an “Attack move” is executed through pressing the ‘Attack move Hotkey’ and :

  1. Left Click of mouse
  2. Right click of mouse?

(both seem to fire, but not sure if there is a fine distinction)

Good question. No difference.

I think it doesn’t matter, both work exactly the same (I don’t even remember which one I use right now, I do it by reflex lol)

I don’t understand. Why use a hotkey, when a right click automatically attacks?

Attack move means every unit will attack the first enemy they see (closest one) instead of a specific one you click on
It’s very useful

Not useful for me as I watch 40 spearmen take a straight line of attack to a mounted unit. I’d rather tell 15 guys to chase him so 25 are still there to hold the line.
Additionally, if the units are set in attack mode, they will chase the enemy if within that particular unit’s line of sight, with no clicking or hotkey needed.