Attack move/patrol could ignore enemy buildings?

As I remember knight attack move will ignore tre until all other nearby unit die. How about making attack move also ignore ram for Archer?

No, now that one is actually removing micro I think. Rams are still a unit, houses are not.


I think other player have to micro and deal with you by moving his units away, then you certainly not allowed to have an advantage and let AI do the work for you.

imagine you just patrol into his base, and focus on managing your eco or expanding map while your army does all the work, that sounds like garbage to me really.

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But if there’s going to be a fight, you naturally focus on that. If you ignore your army, they can still easily get wiped out, the point is that they don’t get stupidly stuck on something they would never be told to attack, and continue moving. If the units just attack buildings, why even both using attack move? It’s not like they move anywhere.

not with what is being suggested here. if its a decent sized army where you MIGHT come out on top even with an enemy defensive castle. then you get the total advantage of not having to micro and just 1 patrol into his base.

game should reward players for microing, not the opposite. if all they want is more macro and less micro they should be playing death match, not RM.

I still disagree, but it’s hard to explain my point of view in a different way, and I know neither of us will be convinced to change out view, so I’m just going to drop it I think.


i just think that if you cant look after your army at the right time and they get slaughtered, thats on you. choosing the patrol over an entire map is with consequences and if you happen upon enemy units/building and they attack you while you’re not looking and give them chance do so, losing units and taking damage is the right outcome.

but you see that isn’t what the above argument is. if they simply want less micro and be more lazy they can say so, but thats not the case.


My issue is when you attack move across the map, or into an enemy base, and your troops get stuck fighting houses because you’re microing a different army and don’t fix them for a while.

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this is my post above to @Nerathion 's experiencing differently than what im seeing when i play the game.

as for non-lethal buildings. what if a player wants to attack building and also kill any enemy units that come to repair or guard it and still wish to use patrol?

And that is why I suggest just making it a setting, it’s the best way to make everyone happy I think.

im honestly not that excited about this being a setting, because it would give players advantages in certain situation and that would be unfair. I could argue villagers auto garrison/ungarrison against enemy be a feature and that would be just too much.

I think the game is at a good point, the rest should still require us to macro/micro. they should first fix up pathing and fix the fish trap not re-trap itself first.


That’s obviously too much, it’s removing actual skill. I perceive this as something different, because it’s altering a mechanic that is just annoying to use in certain settings, despite the fact that it should be possible to use well. It’s ridiculous that you can’t even really use it in an enemy base to move units, because your troops go right back to attacking buildings if they can’t see anything, and moving units manually means they won’t engage if they can.

im pretty baffled because this game has different attack stances and I dont see people using them, and honestly isn’t all that much work but it seems people just dont want to have the risks, and it doesn’t go well with any rts game.

use no attack stance and you’ll patrol and walk through the map. if your army come across enemy army and dont attack because of attack stance, then thats too bad. need to pay attention to minimap more, or learn to focus on your army once every few seconds. if nearing the enemy base, switch it back to attack stance or w/e and control them instead of sticking to patrol right into their town.


Maybe making attack move with different attack stances will have different behavior

As @thieftdp8498, just said, it already does. It’s basically the same as the stance, but the unit also attack moves. Pretty simple.

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I would leave the argument there. we just cant seem to agree on this and I stand by what other RTS game, including AOE games all have in common with the patrol feature: attack building in its path when there are no enemy units around.

I can only hope dev won’t change this but who knows u guys might be able to sway them.

And I stand by it being stupid for units to get hung up attacking houses, but we can’t agree, so let’s not worry about it. Also, I don’t think you need to hope the devs won’t change it, they almost never listen to the forums it seems, so you probably don’t need to worry.

i donno if I should be happy about that. some bugs filed at least 6mo to a year ago still not addressed, only “tracked”.

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Well, pros and cons I guess. I really wish they did do more to fix bugs though.


I mean, if you have two groups of armies, it shouldn’t be unheard of for you to also track both. If Attack Move/Patrol don’t ignore units in favour of closer buildings (which either is a bug or something, as it’s apparently not intended anyway?) then I also don’t see the problem.

In the end, I see the intended way of micro to be that you move your armies with either Right Clicking if you don’t want your units to engage with anything, and Patrolling/Attack Moving if you do. My expectation is that even if your units do end up attacking buildings, at least a second command for Attack Move would make them hit the units (or re-target on their own).

One Attack Move command across the map (and not watching your army after that) is obviously not what anyone should want to do. But you should be able to watch your army on the minimap at the very least and spot the enemy yourself too.

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