Attack move since new patch

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Since new patch, my attack move using alt + right click only responds appropriately around 20% of the time.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. Have alt + right click attack move enabled
  2. Try attack move with left alt + right click

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Should attack move as before - interestingly using RIGHT alt (alt gr) works okay

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Same for me. Holding alt shows the unit range now, but even after disabling that attack move still doesn’t work most of the time.

its clashing with the new photo mode

Can i see where to either turn it off or change the hotkey?

edit: its actually clashing with the new ping system

Can confirm, I have the same issue.

yeah the new ping system’s hot key is alt + left click, which will be conflicting

As a workaround, ctrl+alt+right click still results in attack move now.

Just alt+right click does nothing for me.

its so critical bug,all player using alt+right click attack move cant play game.

the new ping system should be tied to the old flare map hotkey, it currently has a hard hotkey that can’t be changed

Attack Z move supremacists unite!


Hello everyone, thanks for the reports! We are now tracking this issue.

Another player has found that ALT+ Right double clicking seems to work. If any of you try this, let me know your results! Regardless we are tracking this issue internally.

I am having massive conflicts with the Attack mode. I have tried the previous suggestions of massive clicking with alt + right. I just perceive the HUD as an unnecessary assortment of flares, where just one kind of it is more than enough.

I am very frustrated because of this change, that it is a nice initiative, but it conflicts with an already important movement. Please consider revising this issue!

ALT+ Right double clicking works in some time. (some time not work,may be hard judge)
Anyway the problem is not solved yet,my friend players stop playing this game.

well i use M to attack move (qwerty system makes M be attack move on every troop) and i attach it to a macro on the mouse to dont press the M key that is far from qwerty, this makes no conflict with anything.
But devs should know that ALT must be only attach to atack move, and not to anything else, to dont cause conflicts. thats the reason i use M instead of ALT

Thanks for the tip - alt double-clicking works and is probably the easiest work-around for now, but having been so used to alt-right click for so long it really is a significant hinderance. Appreciate the new feature for flares, but personally I wouldn’t want it if it meant compromising my current play (have spent too long ingraining it into my muscle memory!)