Attack solo or together in team games?

I see and hear people:

  1. Either preferring to make crossbowmen, knights, or both and make coordinated fights.

  2. Or making their civ’s specialty units and either fight on their own, or still coordinate with other players.

During a team game, do you usually prefer attacking the team solo and going your style, or making coordinated fights with your allies?

You should work together with your team and decide as team what to do.

In reality in most team games without premades everyone is mining their own business. There is almost no coordination between players.

So only play team games with a premade, not as solo player.

4v4 games tend to end up being 2 players teaming up on each side. Sending army to the other side of a huge map is generally just too impractical unless there is a crucial game-deciding battle there or you’re super far ahead. You can always send villagers to build production buildings on the other side so that your army doesn’t have to travel as far. But slinging is usually easier and less risky than sending army, otherwise you leave yourself vulnerable at home while you’re multi tasking on the other side of the map.

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