Attack Speed

Can someone explain how AS works in the game in general? And how AS buffs implement to different types of units?
For example - lancer and janissary has same AS - 1.50s, but with mehter buff lancer - 1.26s, janissary - 1.29s. How its working and why exactly this numbers in general? Beacuse i cant get 1.26 when i add 15% :frowning: its probably a bit complex formulas?

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Welcome to the forum, Anotand. I’m glad that a high-level player is coming here.

I understand that 15% of 1.5 (0.225) results in a decimal ending in 5, which is why perhaps they have the system set up to round off that figure depending to diff types off units, which is why a 16% buff is applied to the Janissary and 14% to the Lancer (15% average).


Hey! Im trying to explore my game knowledge lately and forum its a great opportunity for it! But AS of scout - 2.00s, why with mehter he has 1.80s? Its not looking like decimal ending!

Well, the Mehter is not applying the ability well to all units. Will have to check it out with the rest.

I forgot where? But someone in a previous thread linked a FAQ that answered exactly how attack speed is calculated and its more involved than the number displayed. Basically the number you see in the tooltip is contrived and NOT the direct numberS being used to track “attack speed”. There is an aiming animation, a wind up animation and wind down animation and attack delay. “Attack speed” buffs like TOV, network of castles, mether or spahi fortitude ONLY impact “attack delay”.