Attacking Gate's side pieces does not alarm the defending player

Game Version:

  • Build: Update 36906
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


When unit attacks the wall pieces of a pre-generated gate (such as palisade gate in Hill Fort or Stone Gate in Arena), the attacked player does not get appropriate alarm notification. However, if the enemy attacks the gate itself (ie. the part where units go), then the player does get the “Under Attack” alarm.

Edit: Apparently the bug affects also normaly build gates, not just pre-generated gates. Also, the bug can be demonstrated with infantry, not just rams.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

I initially discovered this in multiplayer, when I heard enemy’s ram knocking my gate, but I did not get the appropriate alarm sound. However, the bug can also be verified in scenario editor.

  1. In Scenario Editor, generate a map with generated walls. I tested this in Arena and Hill Fort, but I assume fortress and Hideout would bug out as well. Also, prepare your own units near the gate.
  • Note: I used ram in these tests and my opponent in that multiplayer game used rams as well. I have not confirmed yet if the alerts will bug out with other unit types as well. It bugs out with infantry as well:
  1. Send your unit to attack the wall piece of a gate.
  2. Change perspective to defending player (Was it Ctrl+F2?)?
  3. When the unit attacks the gate, you don’t get alarm sound or text!
  4. You could now change perspective again and task the unit to attack the middle Gate Part.
  5. Change perspective. Now you are alarmed by the attacking unit.


Exhibit 1: Hill Fort
Exhibit 2: Arena


Thank you for the report, and great attention to detail! This has been written up for our Test team to investigate and escalate to the development team. =)

Thanks again!

Thanks, @GMEvangelos . I believe this is also the same bug:

When you have a packed trebuchet on one side of the gate, and the trebuchet is out of range, if you right click on the center of the gate, the trebuchet won’t be able to autoattack the gate after rolling there and unpacking.

It’ll roll into range for attacking the side of the gate, unpack, but then believes it’s out of range (fails to attack), and packs again. This only happens if you target the center of the gate. If you target either side of the gate, it rolls to the right spot, unpacks, and attacks successfully (but it may roll an unnecessary distance to do so if it’s the opposite side).

See the following video; these steps consistently repro the bug. In this video, I first target the center of the gate. My trebuchet unpacks, tries, and decides it cannot hit it, and repacks immediately, without any input from me. Then I move it away, and then target the upper-right side of the gate. My trebuchet rolls to the right place, unpacks, and fires immediately. Then I pack it, move it away, and target the lower-left side of the gate. My trebuchet rolls to the right place and fires at it again.
Note that to help illustrate this bug, I used a fast post-Imp game with turbo, and my civ is Japanese.

I’ve seen this bug happen in a lot of campaigns, where I have to treb down a gate.


Added another note so the team can take a look. Thanks again!