Attila 6 "Destroy every enemy wonder before it is completed" not awarded

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  • Build: 40220
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
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Upon completing the final Attila the Hun campaign mission I was not properly awarded the “destroy all wonders before they are completed” achievement. This may be due to the fact that:
-The order of the wonder construction appears to be changed. I looked at different youtube videos of people completing the achievement and the AI appears to somewhat different from when the campaign was first created. Nevertheless even in examples such as Tei’s speedrun of Attila 6 ( from January Green does not construct a wonder.
-I attacked and killed all the other AIs but could not get Green to begin a wonder, thus he died without having built a wonder possibly rendering the achievement void - I did destroy every enemy wonders without them being completed but I guess the game checks if I destroyed Green’s wonder which I never did because he never decided to build one.

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play Atilla 6
  2. Destroy all wonders before they are completed
  3. No achievement

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You have to press Leave Map instead of Return to Map when the victory banner shows.

(at least I think so. Because probably the same bug that is happening with the summer event is happening to regular achievements too)

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I will test this to see if it fixes it. Thanks!

I’ve actually discovered that if you don’t “leave the game” at the end and instead return to map you never get any of the post game cutscenes. I was thinking that there used to be cutscenes after the scenarios ended but i never saw any. I wonder if this can be fixed?

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[Update for anyone who finds this post for whatever reason]
The most recent patch as of writing appears to have fixed this by forcing the post-game cutscene to play immediately

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