Attila the Hun Campaign | Hard Playthrough

I LOVE the Huns campaign. Funnily enough it was actually the first main campaign I ever completed back in 2004 (with the exception of the tutorial campaign). And it’s just as enjoyable now :smile:

(Also, apparently the Romans can live with just a market in this scenario. Is this normally a thing?)

Here’s mission 2! I think I had a pretty quick run in this mission. Going Sofia -> Naissus route seems more efficient than the other one.

Here’s mission 3! I had some audio issues in the middle, so there’s a playlist of songs from NoCopyrightSounds in the middle. Enjoy!

Here’s “A Barbarian Betrothal”, enjoy!

Here’s mission 5. This was quite a difficult scenario, as each time I went on the offensive the Romans would counterattack my base!

And here’s the finale! “The Fall of Rome” is certainly one of the more difficult missions of them all (imo)