Attn: Map Hacking is destroying the game

Map hacking in team games has exploded in the last few months in the Chinese community. I know this doesn’t affect most of you but to us who play in Australian/Chinese time zones it is a plague. I play most nights and almost every player name with Chinese characters (diamond and above in team games) uses map hacks. (i will explain how to identify map hacker at the bottom of the post).

I could just dodge but unfortunately at the conqueror/diamond level almost all players I am matched with in team search are Chinese.

It reaching a critical point that if the DEVS dont solve this issue soon a large percentage of the Australian player base will stop playing team games.

Map hacking is noticeable several ways.

In game possible signs:
Archers targeting vills over tree lines despite there being fog of war
knights charging before they have vision (especially noticeable after you’ve killed their scout

Watching replay more obvious signs:
Player consistently finds huge amounts of sheep with weird scouting patterns.
Player spends time checking unexplored areas of map
Players view while scouting is focused on unexplored areas rather than around his scout
Player consistently knows impossible things and reacts accordingly without using scouts

Obviously one off these things could just be good luck. but No one can consistently get 80% of map sheep. And there is no reason to be consistently checking black areas unless youre cheating.


I would like to add that I think if someone is banned for cheating then the elo that was lost from the player who did not cheat should be returned. Example if you have played vs a cheater in 1vs1 and you lost to the cheater when the cheater gets banned that lost is reverted and you get a win for that game.

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They’ve been openly advertising the hacks in-game for months, in chinese with their discord # in the custom game title, they leave the lobby up all day. It’s been reported but they don’t do anything about it.

Two ads up right now.

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It should only take few mins to block someone. If relic/microsoft knows how to controller the servers. And block these people

Just another thing that’s to hard to do

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I hope they can add an anti-cheat system soon.


I think you’re wrong because I haven’t seen anyone banned for cheating yet

My view is that if/when someone does gets banned for cheating their ELO that they unfairly got should be returned to the players that they cheated.

i wish we could simply block/select region we want to qeue up with.
No offense to the chinese, but being matches up with chinese players is a pain, as most of the time they just drop out almost immidietly.

Company with million income with hack

The 485069332 lobby has been up for at least 4 days now. Zero oversight on the issue. You’d think there’d be a simple algorithm to close lobbies or log players out after so many hours of inactivity. Guess they care more about boosting the player statistics than stopping hackers.

The same lobbies have been up for over two weeks now, accounts not banned, no action taken. Speechless.

I also do not understand the slow action, the audacity of some people.

Its sad to say Maphacking is legitmate in this game.