Audio bug and reignitz bug

Hello since s5 I found 2 bugs.

Im using raycon earbuds while gaming and AOE4 turns all my audio off after I get into lobby. Only once match has concluded and im back to main menu I get my audio back this doesn’t just include audio of game but everything on my PC.

If I switch to my headphones which are not wireless (hyperx cloud revolvers) audio return is normal.

Next bug is about HRE reignitz ladnmark. Essentially if HRE has relic inside reignitz and player destroys it then the relic is not dropped to ground like it used to. This might apply every building that can be placed with relic, but so far this happened to me only with HRE.

The Regnitz issue is something we’re aware of, but the sound one is strange. If you could please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file it’d be really helpful in our investigation of this issue. Thanks!