Audio output is lost after entering multiplayer lobby with headset

Version number
aoe age4 7.0.5861.0

After entering game lobby (at least multiplayer, quick match or ranked), I lose sound output on game, OS, and other applications too with my headset.
The problem seems to be that with the new voice chat feature, when using the headset on stereo mode (on Windows and on other apps, such as Discord), the game takes control of the headset and changes it’s mode to Hands Free mode (mic input + mono output). When this happens, overall audio output messes up and game has no audio, Windows has no audio and Discord has no audio. If I change Windows or Discord audio output to the Hands Free audio device, I can manage to get mono audio output, but that’s not what I want and that’s neither the expected behavior. This happens even though I have disabled voice chat feature on game settings. After leaving multiplayer lobby, audio output is recovered, but is lost again if entering multiplayer lobby again.

Reproduction steps

  1. Use a headset/headphones with microphone and set up Windows sound output device to this device on stereo mode (not hands free mode)
  2. Open game
  3. Enter multiplayer lobby (either quick match or ranked)
  4. Audio output is lost on game, OS and other apps
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I’ve found a workaround to get this working. In case anyone else has the same problem, you can disable your headset device the ability to be used as a telephony device, and this way the game can’t change it’s mode. Here is a detailed walkthrough on how to do this, it’s very simple:}
The con is, in case you do use your device for calls or similar, you won’t be able to and you won’t have the mic available to use. You can always enable it again, but that’s not comfortable and your device loses a feature.

Same here after S5 update, once the game finds a match, no audio on my Bluetooth headphones including when the game starts. I have to switch to my speakers, which is really annoying.

Thanks, all! The team is investigating.

I have a similar problem with my WiFi Headset (Steelseries Arctis 7)

I sometimes randomly loose my Discord Audio (Mic and Teamvoices). It started to happen after S5 Update. It all happens even though I disabled Audio Chat in the settings.

Same issue here with Bose C45 bluetooth headset :confused:

Same issue with Bose QC35 II Bluetooth headset

I wanna plat on my Laptop and my Razer Hammerhead TWS earbuds. So, if I’m in the main menu the sound is correct, same in SP Lobby. If I go into online lobby, o tried with FFA Lobbies, it turned into quiet and dull sounds. I don’t know how I can say it better in English. Maybe echoing explain it better. If I disconnect my earbuds, it sounds normal, everywhere. Can’t find any options in the audio app Very annoying… Any ideas?

It’s in every online lobby, QM and ranked aswell. If I join the lobby, sound is going off for a very short moment, and if I leave, sound is getting normal after a few seconds. What is that? My hardware seems not the problem, it’s only in aoe4

Win 11