Australians civ and Oceanian maps

Oceania remained the last continent absent from this game. Single DLC containing Australians civ and Oceania maps along with the all-new Minor Nations - Peoples of Oceania.

Australians civ (inspired by the WoL mod)

Home City

Unique Units

  1. Convict labourer icon.png Convict Labourer: Villagers that come with a sheep when trained, and cost coin and food.
  2. Bushranger icon.png Bushranger: Stronger line infantry that costs more population and resources.
  3. Rum Corpsman SMALL.png Rum Corpsman: A high damage skirmisher that costs more population than usual.
  4. Pom-Pom SMALL.png Pom-Pom: Artillery with a fully automatic rate of fire. Good against infantry.
  5. Waler horse icon.png Waler Horse: Dragoon variant with high hit points and damage, costs more population than usual.


  1. This civilization, like American postcolonial civs, would have access to:
  • Us general aoe3de.png General: The hero of your civilization. Explores, fights, builds Forts and Trading Posts. Cannot die. If he falls unconscious, he can be rescued.
  • Sloop aoe3de.png Sloop: Small and nimble warship. Good at exploring, fishing or transport.
  • Steamer aoe3de.png Steamer: Powerful, steam-propelled warship resistant to building fire that can train units, construct docks and gather fish.
  • Ironclad aoe3de.png Ironclad: Advanced armored warship.
    Saloon aoe3de.png Saloon: Trains sinister outlaws and mercenaries.
  1. Mill, Estate and Livestock Pen are replaced by a unique Australian building - Station. It is a large building in which food and gold is generated slowly thanks to the garrisoning of Cows and Sheeps in it. It is an expensive building, but requires no Settlers to generate resources. This building attracts wild animals.

  2. Outposts train infantry units - no Barracks for Australians civ. No Outpost construction limit.

  3. Native Estate - a unique building for civ Australians, which provides additional space for the population and allows the training of two random indigenous units from Oceania. Generates wood slowly. Provides unique mechanics (reminiscent of American ceremonies) and technologies.

  4. They start the game with 4 Convict Laborers, 2 Sheep and 2 Cows.

  5. Standard Politicians mixed up with representatives of the Indigenous Peoples as Age Up.

  6. Any Age Up shipment Exploration Wagon (possibility to build Town Center, House, Station, Docks or Outpost).

Oceanian Minor Nations

5 brand new Minor Nations for Oceanian maps like:

  1. Aboriginals
  2. Papuans
  3. Melanesians
  4. Micronesians
  5. Polynesians

Oceania Minor Nations would become a completely new type of Minor Nations. Like the European and African Minor Nations, it would offer what would make them stand out from the rest. I think that they could be distinguished by a greater number of units that could be trained (3-5) and that they would be located by the water and would offer training for Native Ships. The Peoples of Oceania Minor Nations would offer different kinds of ships - fishing, transport and war.

Oceanian Maps

Most of the Oceania maps are maps of tiny islands. For this reason, at the beginning of the entertainment, playing on any map of Oceania, we start with native boats necessary to settle more islands in order to develop our settlement.

  1. New South Wales
  2. Queensland
  3. South Australia
  4. Tasmania
  5. Victoria
  6. Western Australia
  7. Northern Territory
  8. Coral Sea Islands
  9. Fiji
  10. New Caledonia
  11. Papua
  12. Solomon Islands
  13. Vanuatu
  14. Nauru
  15. Caroline Islands
  16. Line Islands
  17. Gilbert Islands
  18. Phoenix Islands
  19. Marshall Islands
  20. New Zealand
  21. Hawaii
  22. Pitcairn Islands
  23. Easter Island
  24. Samoa
  25. Tonga

Australia became independent in 1901, way out of the timeframe.

The game needs Maori as a major civ, not Australians.


I made a proposal for an Australian revolution option for the British, Dutch, and French to replace the US revolution in those civs:

I think doing this makes more sense than having a full civ; from a timeline perspective it fits in perfectly with South Africa and Canada, who are already revolution civs.

I’m still a fan of an Australian civ myself though just because I am Australian so here’s my feedback on your proposal:

  • Melbourne as capital makes sense, good idea! Lachlan Macquarie is a good choice too, though a little late in the time period perhaps. I would be tempted to go John Macarthur, though obviously he’s a bit controversial and perhaps not as memorable.
  • I agree Australia NEEDS convicts as a core feature of the economy. In my proposal I have them as free and numerous settlers that can be shipped from the homecity to boom, but who join the enemy when killed. Having them as settlers that start with a sheep is interesting, but doesn’t feel right for the idea of forced labour to me. Instead, perhaps Australian settlers are more expensive and train slower, but come with a free sheep each? That might be more thematic. Maybe then Australia uniquely gets two options for settlers from the TC with convicts being the other option. They would be are cheap and arrive in blocks like Russian settlers but have low HP?
  • Bushrangers as a core infantry doesn’t make any sense imo, it would be like giving the US the gunsligner as their core musketeer. Bushrangers are much better suited as outlaw units.
  • Both the Pom-Pom and the Rum Corpsman are to me a little too 19th century and might feel off fighting against the earlier themed units of other civs, though there are the US regulars and gatling guns as well.
  • I like the Waler Horse, I think Australia should get quick high attack cavalry units but perhaps with low hitpoints. Sort of a light cavalry specialist civ.
  • Not a fan of an Australian General, an explorer makes more sense. There aren’t really any famous Australian generals or battles of the period, but there are famous explorers.
  • US style ships are “ok” but european ships would probably be better. There were no Ironclads and few paddlesteamers in Australia.
  • Saloon has to be renamed to pub (public house) 100%. Might even be preferrable to use the european tavern
  • Love the Station idea!
  • Not sure what the idea behind the Native Estate is, seems a bit out of the blue. It sounds interesting but I don’t really understand why it’s included.
  • Huge map list, I think it would be better to simplify the Australian maps down to a few that represent interesting regions rather than entire states. E.g. Tropical Queensland, Murry River Basin, Nullabor, Van Dieman’s Land, etc. Many of the pacific islands would be very similar too so it would be best to find a few interesting options or archetypes. One I suggested was the archipelago style map they ended up adding in the KoTM DLC.

Something else not mentioned would be the architecture set. Though obvs the DE team has proven reluctant to add custom architecture sets I would love to see an Australian set that starts with rough log cabins and tents that progresses to whitewashed stone house architecture in the middle ages and finally to federation style in the late ages.


Discovery age log cabins and tents

Commerce/Fortress period white stone architecture

Industrial/Imperial federation architecture

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I’d like oceania maps, but I would prefer instead of Australia, we get Maori and Hawaiian civs.



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Australia should be added as Revolution for the and British.
In addition there could be Mercenaries too and of course some outlaws!

Maori could work well as playable civilisation. They fought wars against the British and used modern equipment.

Other Polynesians weren’t that important because of the size of their islands. Hawaii could potentially be playable but there are a lot better picks around the World. South America only has 1 playable civilisation for example.


Why not group them all under one Polynesian culture/people? Then you could pull cards and units from different islands/tribes/alliances etc?

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Polynesians are extremely culturally diverse.
That would be like putting Indians, Persians and Europeans into one civilisation because they all speak Indo-European languages.

Because of the isolation on the Islands and the time difference of settlement they developed very different cultures.

A good chunk of Polynesia was part of the Tu’i Tonga Empire, so maybe Tongans would be an interesting faction.

Exactly. Instead of having Maori as a civ, you could age up via a Maori alliance or something. Polynesian being an umbrella civ would work very well. And then we can have moai and Hawaiian stuff without needing separate civs. It could be like how it was in Civ V.

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why not have all Native Americans under one culture instead of all this Haudenosaunee and Lakota nonsense?


Why not all Europeans under one civilisation. I mean they share so many units already anyway. lol


NO! Maoris are very DIFFERENT from Hawaiian people. sure there are some similarities but there are clear differences!

You might as well as have All African civs under generic “africa civs” and have them use Zulu, Ethiopia, Hausa, and Moroco units.

Just what are you thinking?

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Meh civ v did it and it was great. Its about making a fun game :slight_smile:

India is diverse too but they made them one civ /shrug

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and civ was done with whole “ployneasia” civ in civ 6 anyway and it was GOOD! they separated it by Maori civ and Rapa nui city state.

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That’s why there are constantly people complaining about India.
Also India was made by a different developer over 10 years ago.

They just recently fixed that mistake for AoE2DE so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll see something similar in AoE3DE at some point.

Why would Maori be less fun then generic Polynesians?

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also Polynesia is more diverse than india EVER was.
It is separated by thousands of Islands with different culture.
It is madness to think they are all the same.
Heck Europe have more similarity than all these Polynesia culture.

Potential civ for Oceanian DLC (only real Empire):

Majapahit would by most standards be considered as a South East Asian civ.

Not Oceania. Who in their right mind think Indonesia is Oceanian nation?

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