Australians civ and Oceanian maps

He is not from Oceania, but that doesn’t mean that this civilization can’t bring the maps of the continent of Oceania and brand new minor Nations from this region to the game with the new DLC.

What are you talking about? who is “he”?

I’m a simple man, this is about all I know about Polynesia:
“The indigenous people who inhabit the islands of Polynesia are called Polynesians. They have many things in common, including language relatedness, cultural practices, and traditional beliefs.”

I only suggest bringing them all under the same umbrella to increase the significance and allow for more opportunities to draw from, but if it makes more sense to make the Maori the civ and the others native civs, then I’m fine with that.

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they are just as similar as Spain, Portugal and France are close to each other. You wouldn’t say we ought to group them together as one civ do you? In terms of language, if you put Samoan, Maori and Tongan people together and get them speak in their native tongue… they COULD understand few words but ultimately they are different languages- just as Spanish and Portuguese are different yet very similar languages.

Why not? We put Germans, Prussians, and Austrians together.

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Firstly Prussia IS German- who do you think created first unified German Empire? Who was Kaiser that became first German Empire?
Secondly No, Germany in AOE3 is NOT Austria.

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There are giant threads on here about splitting Germany and Prussia

Tongans and Maoris could both be interesting as main civs (possibly Hawaians too), while countless other Polynesian people could appear as minor civs.

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I think it would be better to make the Maori playable so others could also be represented as Minor Civilisations.
Maori can have a card like the Inca that gives them the units of those other minors. Which doesn’t make much sense historically but the Inca card doesn’t either.

Also the principle “pars per toto” (A part for the whole) is probably better. Make a Maori civ and if you make a scenario that needs a different Polynesian civilisation you just use the Maori.
If you make an umbrella civilisation it will always feel wrong. But a more specific one will feel right in the specific chase and not much more wrong then the umbrella in other cases.

Depends on how you see it.
I think the Germans are mostly HRE. I mean they even have a Czech unit. And Bohemia was part of the Austrian Empire later never the Prussian/German one.
Also the flag looks very HRE like.
It would be easier to remove all the Prussian references without changing anything about the gameplay then the other way round.
Doppelsöldner and War Wagons will always look wrong for a Prussian civ while Uhlans are ok for Austria too and could easily be reskinned into a Hungarian unit.


Just calling them Javanese would be a better fit for this game. Majapahit collapsed right at the start of the timeframe.


Not even close. Sentinelese and Kashmiri people are far more disparate than Maori and Hawaiians.