Auto drop ressources under TC


Why do villager have to be full of food to drop them in the TC if they are under it?
I don’t see any purpose of that. If you are a new player or a really good player you have to micro villager to get the food to build the next villager without waiting.
Micro are a part of AOE2 but when there is a purpose…
If they drop food like khmer when they are under a TC, the starter will be more powerfull and more intersting.


it adds a bit of control to the game that seperates those who can micro even slightly to those who can’t.
all you have to do is highlight your vills, click your tc, and click back on your sheep or boar.

basically it rewards good play. and that’s a good thing.


First response was: Quite bad. Khmer farms needed a nerf to make it balance.

But this is for all civs. So nothing really changed. It just lowered the number of forced drop offs a bit. There is no real change at higher levels. They already have the vills under the TC with good lures. The number of forced drop offs is pretty small for pros. It wont really change anyting for them.

For lower levels it will help by having a more constant food flow. It will encourage to do good lures and get betters. Bad boar lures (not under TC) will result in forced drop offs. Good boar lures will result in instant food for them. It only encourage lower rated players to get better. I think that is a good thing. You will still be rewarded for good play and you need extra clicks for bad plays.

So i support the idea.


If you watch game of the viper, he is doing that between 3 and 4 times during the starter. It’s quite a lot and not very far from an average player who do it between 4 and 5 times.

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Look at it this way, if all these requested QoL features get implemented, the game would be easy for everyone. Instead, git gud (for example, learn how to force drop res) and it gives you an edge over your oponents.


The main question is: What will be the impact of not having to do this clicks on the game? For the pros almost nothing changed. For lower rated players the dark age becomes a bit more smooth. So it helps the lower rated players, without really messing up the balance at higher levels. It even encourage lower rated players to get good in boar lures, since it will result in a reward (no need to manually drop off the food).

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A good lure in itself rewards you with less walking time/more efficient drops. Do we need more rewards? (not a retoric question)


Even pros do not always have a clean start. You must fine tune your initial build order and keep refreshed with regular practice to ensure there is minimal idle TC time (just like anything you strive to have proficiency in) .

Not dropping off food can seriously mess up timings and can put you behind from the outset. Therefore you must train to build it into your muscle memory.

As aforementioned, all of these small edges add up to a significant advantage (or remain on par at the highest skill levels). The question is how far should the game go to reduce the skill ceiling?

I would aver that minimal changes are needed (if any) and the art of transitions through the ages has been somewhat mastered. The developers are no doubt being very careful to not overstep what is already well established and I hope these subtle differences are still in AOE4.

I hate sheep and would prefer cows LOS, change it so I can scout better early game. It wouldn’t make much of a difference… I’m not against QOL change (e.g. select all buildings and army hot keys) but it needs to be clearer than this that the change is needed in my opinion.

I don’t think this should be the threshold or then the floodgates will open. This is one of the greatest RTS games of all time for very good reasons. That seems to be very under appreciated here.

AOE2 is not a clicker game. It’s a strategy game. If you play to the first AOE2 you will say that it’s stupid that after build a lumbercamp villager don’t go cut wood. But if you was at this time. You will say the same thing. You have to remember that you have villager who build a lumberjack and be at the right time to ask him to go to work and you will also say that it’s not because you build a lumberjack that mean that you want that this villager go to work on wood. There is dozen of stuff like this who make the game better.


It would penalize bad lures too much. They already have penalty of villagers having to carry food for some distance. Having good lures give instant food would increase penalty of bad lure even more.

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Nothing will changed for a bad lure. So there is no penalty. There is only a reward for a good lure. The reward is just having to do a few clicks less for force drop off food. That isnt huge at all


Rewarding good lure is same as penalizing bad lure. Reducing need to force drop food reduces need to pay attention to it, which means that player can concentrate at other things. This might help him considerably


When it will be implement? There is no purpose of that expect descriminate new player to be efficient in early game. Even good player will be please of that, they will have more time to focus on useful stuff.
It will also help new player to use boar, actually new player don’t take boar because it’s to hard to manage. You have to send a vil, get it back under the tc, send vil to kill it, then ask them to drop food quite often because they can carry a lot of food from hunting. And later in the game, they won’t hunt boars because it’s won’t have a big impact on the economy.
The game with all dlc became more complex on some aspects (all new kind of bonus (in age of Kings it was a lot more simpler), all new civ, all new upgrades and units) and also simpler with auto reseed for farm, multi queue… but in total the game became more complex and it’s harder for people to join the community.


Play Empire Wars then, what about we just let AI play for the first 10 minutes and then the player takes over 11

Why play an RTS when you don’t want to command units. Its dark age so there is nothing else to do too. Thats an argument for NOT implementing it, not against it

I like the idea… A good lure is to kill the animal right below the TC, not to force dropping every second… Is a skill? In a certain way yes… But burp talking also… Not all skills all really usefull or game changing… Just tryhards neurotic…

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First of all, you want to do intersting things not a clicker game.
Secondly if you have nothing else to do during dark age, you are clearly a noob and prove my point. It use player to much time to manage to have time to do other interesting things. If you have more time during dark age to do things who use your brain, you will have better strategy.
If you beleive that dark age doesn’t require a brain I don’t understand how you can enjoy first minutes of the games

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Listen here.
Here my profile: AOE Nexus | Profile
2k in 1v1 and TG so go ahead, post your profile. You can always add me on Steam for a 1v1, if you want to prove that I am a noob. Deathcounter is my ING name

Sorry, I know how to use gather points, build orders and hotkeys. Just because you probably fiddle around with your mouse and need 5 minutes to choose where you want to build a house where it looks nice, or can’t use control groups, doesn’t mean that I have a busy dark age. Calling me a “noob” while I don’t need any automation like Auto Farm or Auto Villager or whatever I saw you posting in, because I have the APM to all do that myself is a bit Ironic.

Well if you dislike clicker games then RTS is probably the wrong kind of game for you. Choosing where a House might look nice isn’t an “interesting thing” either. Besides its literal, just 2 clicks to do, Doing it and not doing it decides what separates a decent player from a good one.
Stop wanting to deskill the game. You complaining here just means you are not doing it or you are not capable of doing it. Nobody else has this problem. Sorry for the harsh words but you called me a noob

Last time I checked I had to click to select and right click to give commands.

I am glad that you are not a noob as you previous comment pretend. If you are 2k in 1vs1 means that you do other stuff in dark age "Its dark age so there is nothing else to do too. "
You pretend also that the place where you build house is to look nice but I beleive by your elo that you don’t build them randomly. You choose the location by different factors:

  • the position of available builders and also where you want send them after building the house)
  • to protect your economy
  • to don’t slow your economy expansion

If you beleive that “Doing it and not doing it decides what separates a decent player from a good one.” if you beleive that the difference between a noob and a good player, AOE2 won’t be call the best strategic game of 2000 because there is no strategy behind that.
Sorry to call you a noob, you are a player who have this game in your DNA and your talk looks to me like a noob because a major part of the game is reflex. When a player ask you your build order, you are probably not able to tell him excatly what to do. You aren’t able not because you don’t have one but because you answer this question ten years ago and now you can only tell what you do in special cases to adapt your build order.

For information I won’t share my elo because it’s pointless. If my elo is very high, it’s mean that I haven’t this trouble and I can’t know for sure that a trouble for new players. If my elo is low, I don’t know enough the game to understand the point of doing that. What I can tell you, I was there when forgotten was made. I designed a strategy mobile game, inspirated by aoe2, Rome Total War and kingdom rush. I developped the 3D isometric engine and a big part of the graphic engine. I also code the physic, the human interaction between units (unit who try to avoid fight, unit who love fight…). I lead a team of 15 (designer and level designer) during several years. This experience help me to understand what players really want. A player can would like something but if he has it he can dislike it or the game. For example, in forgotten one thing that help people to move to it was 1000 max pop. It was the dream of a lot of players but when they have it in their hand they dislike it. Games was less interesting. Games was very long and people feel disgust at the end. Players wanted huge map with huge army and economy but it wasn’t fun. Player need to be frustrated, it’s for their own good.
I only want to make the game more accessible for new players and also more interesting for regular players. The game became very complex, for us who see the game evolve it’s ok because per years we have only a few stuff to learn. But for new players it’s hell. Tech tree was very simple on aoe2, difference between civ was mostly on available tech and unit. Now it’s on bonuses and civ special upgrade

Why do you link your tg elo instead of your 1v1 elo if you call yourself a 2k 1v1 ? That’s suspect 11 I don’t think anyone of 2k elo 1v1 can stay on 2k tg, 3k+ should be more standard.