"Auto Economy" for AoE3 please

I want the option to enable an “Auto Economy” feature in the Lobby like the one the XBox version of AoE2DE has.

I like playing AoE3DE with my friends but some of them aren’t good at playing RTS games. It doesn’t feel rewarding for them to show up with a small army when I already destroyed half of the AIs base nor is it fun for me to have to sit their and wait at the population limit for them to start attacking.
Giving selected players an Auto Economy wouldn’t only help them keep up with their more experienced friend but also let’s them focus on the more fun aspects of the game like exploring and fighting.

This feature would also be easier to implement in AoE3 since settlers don’t require drop off buildings and can easily switch resources and time.

Yes “Auto Economy” is cheating but this game already has cheats as a feature. I think a monster truck is a little more powerful then “Auto Economy”.


If this is only vs AI then sure.

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I would allow it everywhere where you can enable the Handicap feature so also in online lobbies, but obviously not in ranked.
You can enable cheats there too after all.

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Yes that’s a great idea. Your friends will never learn the basic features of the game and won’t ever know how to play.

What’s wrong with age II mills and lots of eco cards ? We all started here.


Not everyone want’s to commit learning the game.
A lot of people just casually want to play it from time to time, next to many other games.

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This would be easy to add by mods tho, not hard coding, but yeah It would be a nice addition to bring my 12yo cousin into the game xD.


I don’t think that would be easy to mod in at all.

Why not then… Yknow just use eco cheats? Or set your resources to infinite?

Usually when I play with friends that are way below my level I just derp around and try crazy build myself. It’s fun to do it. I don’t need to go pro mode on them unless we are about to lose.

  1. if you enable cheats you can’t control how many cheats other people are using. Also resource cheats would give you way to much resources.
  2. if you set the resources to infinite it turns into a completely different game.

Auto Eco makes the game easier for people that only sometimes want to play the game without feeling like really cheating.


It would be like Empire wars but without wagons, more villagers and starting buildings like in Texas or Silk road maps

ig you never tried modding then, its not that straight forward, but should be doable, with enough effort

But wouldn’t that just be a faster start.
Also how would you select that only for some players?

If it is only available vs AI maybe, otherwise no. And definitely not in multiplayer games, pvp. Building your economy is part of the game. Or you can play infinite resources if someone doesn’t want to learn how to build an eco.

I could’ve sworn I actually saw this feature while rummaging around through the AI files. I might be fake news though, maybe it was just the AI spawning settlers or something.

You can actually get this effect in the scenario editor pretty easily. I found it incredibly annoying but it trained everything, not just eco.

Play Japan. Closest you will get.

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Why not just set the handicap on top of it?

I cannot express in words how bad an idea this is. Cheats are a feature? No, they’re cheats! They’re for single player. It’s in AOE2Xbox because you can’t manage an eco with the controller, and it’s balanced since according to various sources it’s not that efficient. If AOE3 were to go to Xbox, then yes, something like this would be implemented. But only with a console controller!


I thought about it as a lobby setting like Handicap.
It can be enabled for each player separately.
Also in pvp but only in private lobbies of course.

That is completely different.
Not having to manage your economy doesn’t give you more resources then an average player would have.
The idea is that this feature can be turned on for some players in a lobby and not for all. You can’t just give some players infinite resources.

You can also enable cheats in multiplayer.
And you can also enable infinite resources. That changes the game orders of magnitude more.