Auto-Economy improvement suggestions

New Xbox player here, loving the nostalgia slap I’m getting from this game, it’s cool to see how it’s played now compared to when I was a child making scenarios and farting around.

Even on console I find It’s nice to have complete control for the first 20 vills at least. Once I start producing army though and focus on attacking I’d like to be able to switch over to auto-eco to keep my TC going without so much hassle as it’s intended.

The problem is that once you switch auto economy on, all of your vills currently working will reshuffle and will walk every direction across your base to get to a different resource unless you perfectly pegged the ratio already existing (and it sometimes seems like they’ll take a meaningless trip somewhere anyways). I’ve seen this happen in my own games as well as to my enemies in replays.

My suggestion would be to add an option for auto-eco to only affect newly produced vills. Any villagers given a job should stay on that job until otherwise tasked, and auto eco uses your TC to balance your economy with new villagers only. Maybe even a separate option for idle vills to be included or not.

Sometimes I will try to stack some idle vills to prepare for a rush, and it’s difficult to corral them because they’re trying to get back to their jobs.

Options could be :
All villagers or Town center only
Include Idle villagers

Hope someone sees this, really enjoying the game so far and the implementation feels great other than a few small things.