Auto farm!

Please, add a button in the mill who allow farmer to build farm without user intervention.
You ask villager to go to a mill and when they reach it, they build a farm close to it (follow a pattern of a snake).

The game will be easier for new players
No more T90 farm
Have more time for useful action.
It will be more logical. If you build a mining camp, you don’t have to spend time to send each villager to a pit. If you build a lumber camp, you don’t have to spend time to macro villager to find a tree. (they perhaps don’t choose the best tree or the best pit but no one complain). If you build a mill they go to berry or fish.

In a game if you reach 200 of population, you have arround 40 farms. It’s mean that you have to build yourself 40 farms. Do you imagine to have the same work for the wood?


There’s an auto-reseed of farms, and also a farm queue if you don’t want to use the auto reseeding.

There’s a couple of other things to consider too,

  • Khmer don’t need mills anymore to drop off food.

  • A lot of player place farms around their main tc and other tc’s long before using a mill, usually because it’s safer.

Interested in other perspectives though.

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^ I was going to post this video if nobody else did.


Auto-reseed of farm is complementary to auto build.
For auto-reseed farm and farm queue, you can reseed manually each farm.
Some player don’t use auto reseed but it doesn’t mean it s useless. Look on Daut, during HC3 on half of his games he had issue with idle farmer because he has forgotten to queue some farm.
I play aoe2 since 2000. First with ao2 age of King. No farm queue, you can’t double click on building to select multi building to do multi queue. The game became better with time, Conqueror, Forgotten… The winner have to be the player with the best strategy and not the higher APM.

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Farmers already need much less work than lumberjacks/miners, etc. Just need to build farm once for each farmer and click automatic reseed button. Other resource gatherers need constant relocation to new resources after previous resources have depleted, but farm can be reseeded forever.

Honestly, I feel this is the sort of work the computer should not be doing for us. It is one of those menial tasks that rips you up as a new player, where you end up having tens of thousands wood and not enough of anything else because you were busy fighting, but farm placement also has tactical and planning elements to it. Every time you plant a bunch of farms it’s a minor decision, and decisions are what makes the game good.


It’s exactly like lumberjack or miners. You have to choose on which tree they are going to chop or which mine they are going to work. When you have less than 40 of pop you choose for each lumberjack which tree they are going to cut and for each miner. But latter, you don’t have enough time and you let the stupid AI do it.
Like for your army, if you have 10 units, for each of them you choose on which unit they attack but when you have 20, you can’t and you manage what is the most useful.

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I don’t think I even suggested that.

Why don’t we just auto play as well? Lets just auto play… Auto micro auto macro auto build auto everything


The question is where you want to spend your time. It’s a farm simulator or a strategy game?
You want to have more time to manage your unit or create as fast as possible 10 farms.
And when you have a ping over 300, it’s horrible to build farms.


I wouldnt mind if they added this feature… its along the lines of auto scout, a pro will be able to do it better,but it makes it easier and a lot less wasteful time consuming of placing the usual spiral of 8 farms around a mill…



Auto all the things!! Lol…

Use shift key! You can already set villagers to build a mill and a farm! You can even do it with multiple villagers! If you do it in the right order and queue up the farms and the mill, the villagers will build the mill then individually pick a farm. If you do it in the wrong order it still works just your villagers will be 1 farm at a time. Queue up the farms first then the mill. Or it’s the other way around. Either way you’ll figure it out.

In my opinion OP your way would never work. I want to place the farms myself. The computer has no idea where I want them placed.

If you literally only have one hand get a better mouse (I would hope you have one with multiple buttons already) and remap controls. If AoE2 doesn’t allow to remap shift key to mouse there are plenty of 3rd party software that could make this happen. That’s very feasible.


I think you miss understood, I am perhaps not very good but I can win against 7 HD AI in a decent time. I liked this kind of challenge. To improve my play for any new strategy, I update my shortcut.

Anyway how would the game decide which villagers to send to build new farms? Having your villies go waste your wood at the slightest second of idling or worse, randomly dropping their current task because RNGesus said so would be so, so bad. This feature would have nothing in common with Auto scout and would be so horrendous to play with.

You will send your villager to a mill. And the villager will build a farm around the mill.
The villager will build a farm if there is no baie or shore fish or idle farm.

For information, if you send a villager to build a lumbercamp, a mill, a farm, a minecamp you won’t loose any ressources. It’s really usefull when you want to adapt your economy, you can take 10 lumberjack to ask them to build farms and you won’t loose any wood. It’s not logical, not write anywhere but it’s work that way. No one complain. It’s help us to win time during a game. You don’t have to ask to yours lumberjacks to go to a lumbercamp or a town center and then go to build farms.

The fact that we don’t loose any ressources is very usefull to increase your economy. When you want to build a new lumbercamp or mine camp, you send your villager to hunt dears or far boar and then when they are full of food, you ask them to build a lumbercamp. This kind of littles things improve your game play.
PS sorry for my english

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Actually someone is trying to further the discussion rather than just spamming “AUTO EVERYTHING”.

Again, adding a small feature that isn’t really a buff (i.e. you can do it better than the ai like with autoscouting) shouldn’t break the game, but has a potential to make life a little easier for some (maybe new or casual?) players.

The real question - how would it work (in theory - it doesn’t have to get implemented)?

Op suggests maybe you (right?) click a villager on a mill. The problem with this is that this would normally be for dropping off food and could possibly start building farms when you don’t want to - like in dark or early feudal age when there might be better things to spend wood on. Maybe it could do a check for near resources as op suggests, and only be overloaded in that instance.

Temporarily you could make a command that doesn’t do anything like the garrison command responsible for this (click vils to ‘garrison a mill’ - they just either reseed an expired farm nearby or place a new farm in one of predetermined available tilesets around the mill.

I’m not saying I’m for or against this: I’m just trying to be helpful.


Thank you for your reply, I will try to answer to all your question.

When a villager go to a mill:
if there is berry or shore fish then
—if villager have food then
— --- the villager drop is food
— go to shore fish or berry
else if auto-farm is activated then
— if villager have food then
— --- drop the food
— go to build a farm

You want to only drop food in the first 7 minutes of the game (when you do hunting or this kind of early stuff). At the beginning you don’t want the auto farm like auto reseed.
New farm will be build to follow a patern who look like a snail.

Does anyone have an idea to improve this concept?

I am not at home, here a screen in AOE2HD.


In my view this idea is a good one though unlikely to ever be implemented. After playing the game for years, you get tired of individually seeding (the first time) each farm over and over each game. Yes it is part of the RTS skillset, particularly at high level or in ranked games, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get repetitive, particularly when playing 300+ population unranked games with your friends. It would be nice to have a feature or perhaps a technology you can research in imperial age that can put down mega farms (either 1 massive farm of a bunch of farms auto placed together) instead of manually clicking a bunch of farms and a mill in 300+ population games. Unfortunately, that is likely too nuanced for such an addition for the game and it would not get approval for adding it broadly to the game.

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I also forgot how much more painful farming was in HD, was playing it with a friend just a casual game vs ai and chatting with 300 pop.

Not having auto reseed farm and going back to queuing loads of farms in the mill and/or manually reseeding loads of farms in the late game.