Auto pause

I’ve encountered this auto pause that happens every so often during multiplayer matches it’s my game pausing automatically without me pressing any of the pause command keys, does this happen to anyone else?

Do you mean that the game literally pauses and shows “Game Paused (F3)” in the middle of your screen? Or do you mean that the game stutters every few seconds?

If the latter, that’s likely to just be network/performance lag.

It’s literally the game pauses and other players are getting mad at me for pausing, when it’s been this auto pause thing.
-It does say game paused by FinancialAid_701

If i was you, then i would check my hotkeys. Many you have a random key bind to the pause hotkey. As result you pause the game without you knowing you did it.

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Very rarely id hit f3 by accident this is also pause button I believe. Some people do not know this is second pause button

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I just played a few more games online and offline and it appears to happen with random hotkeys for example I tried to build a TC but when I went to build another TC it didn’t pause. It’s baffling me and I really hope someone has had a similar issue and/or fix.