Auto reseeding for Mountain Monastery?

The Ethiopian Mountain Monastery can get the “Tabot” Home City Card, giving every present and future Mountain Monastery +1000 Gold. That means they can be built on open field, harvested, destroyed, then rebuild anew to get 1000 Gold that can be harvested for 50% of it in Influence. Using Mountain Monasteries is supposed to be the way the Ethiopians get their influence, but in the endgame 1000 Gold doesn’t last too long, and there isn’t even an alert when it’s gone. So shouldn’t there be a “reseed” function like for the farms in AoE2.

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In the late game, your main source of influence should be the cows tickling it for you. You should try to get as much livestock as possible.

si avanzas con los etíopes (aliándose con ellos mismos) tienen una tecnología única llamada arca de la alianza que les provee de un ligero goteo de recursos

Ok, I did some testing and If 5 Villagers work one “reseeded” MM, each Villager makes per second -0.18 Wood +0,51 Gold and +0,51 Influence (Those Values do not take into account that the 50/50 split needs to be reassigned after all empty MMs have been deleted). With Lalibela Rock Church that changes to -0.12 Wood +0.53 Gold and +0.53 Influence. Assign 10 Villagers to a MM, and a single Villager makes -0.12 Wood +0.47 Gold and +0.47 Influence.

On a field (without Grainery), a Villager makes +0.59 Gold (displayed as 0.68, but that value doesn’t take into account that they don’t generate gold while walking on the field). So if my Villagers are perfectly deleting, rebuilding and mining MMs, they are more useful to me than if they collect gold on a farm.

All those Values have been tested in Post-Imperial without unmentioned Home City Cards.

An unfattened Zebu Cattle gives +0.30 Influence per second, a fattened +0.65 Influence. And with Draft Oxen, they also make +0.16 Gold.

30 Villagers building, mining, deleting, and repeating with 3 MMs make 838.5 Influence per minute, the maximum of 20 Zebus only 780.