Auto scout in a competitive game

That’s a… limited interpretation of what I said. I guess we should get rid of auto-reseeding farms, since having to click to reseed each individual farm every 5 seconds during Imp was such an important ‘skill’ that DE totally ruined. In fact, if two players play against each other and one is using hotkeys, that’s unfair too, so we should probably ban hotkeys above a certain level. If you lose a game due to mechanics you refuse to master, it’s not the game that’s unfit for competition :slight_smile:


What’s the point of having 99% map scoutet if you don’t know what your opponent is doing? xD

Manually scout will always be better than auto scout. Ok, if you don’t have any usage for your scout after you hit castle and see what your opponent makes, than you can click auto scout.
But man, the main thing why you do this is because you want a higher score, leading to make the enemy resign faster.

I suggest you read the topic and continue from what is said.

Cleary manual (waypoint) scouting is not always better. Neither did you give any reason why it should be allowed in the example you give.

You literally said “auto scouting is part of improving at the game”.

I was never a fan of auto reseed but things can be judged by themselves and still your comparison is weak because of the greater intelligence behind auto scout.

Your comparison to hotkeys is totally ridiculous.

It’s a true low when enabling auto scout at the right time is considered a skill to master.

People just ignore how apm can’t be created out of thin air. If you don’t have the apm to waypoint scout you can press auto scout to extend your apm. It’s very simple how it benefits the player.

Yes for people who just begin learning the game. And that’s exactly why this feature was introduced, so beginners can fokus more on luring boar and whatever.
Auto scout is completely fine in it’s current state.

Yet you do nothing to adress the fact that due to it’s implementation it’s used by players with thousands of games up to pro level.

If you think it’s for beginners then you agree with me and should be thinking towards how we can keep it for beginners or for when all participants consent.

We have to think in accesibility when judge features like autoscouting, Auto-queue, Multi-queue, etc.

I’m pretty sure you will find no pro using it before both players hit castle age. And only a few before the 20 minute mark, if the scout is still alive.
Yes also pros use it, but it’s no advantage, as all can use it after they got the intel they needed from the scout. Yes it can influence pro games, but mainly because one player lost his scout and the other one has it still there and now gets a payback for saving it.

Waypoint scouting is better than using the autoscout since you have more control over the unit actions. The same issue is with autofarming, if you want to move a farmer into wood, it will be more beneficial for your economy if the farm runed out of food… by using this feature, you cannt do so because is already reseed.
I agree that automate certain things could be problematic, for example villager creation. But autoscout isnt one of them. The game mecanics rewards the player capable of multitask in more areas, even the waypoint is penalize compared to manualy scouting. (Whats Wrong With Waypoint Scouting? - YouTube)

If using waypoint scouting is overwhelming, you should use the auto-scouting feature insted of wanting it remove. Thats the main porpouse of the feature, helping the new players… the more advance once doesnt need to.

Regarding the autoscout Viper strategy, i m not implaying that using this mecanic isnt usefull, i stated that isnt as effective as doing it manually or by waypoints. You could take advantage of the other player relaying on it, isnt something that is broken or one sided.

A tricycle is easier to ride than a bike, people learn how to ride it anyway, not because is harder but because is better . If a unit lost their value because low hp, you could take profit by scouting… if you want to do it manually and get even more profit, great. If you dont want to take the time, autoscout.
The option is up to the player, both can use it, is up to you.

It hasnt much impact on they outcome, while it is easier for new players to join multiplayer.

So why shouldnt it be allowed?

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11 I love it how his rant ends with “we’ll have auto stream”. MBL, wtf are you doing? Encoding video frames with pencil and paper? Are you manually typing out bytes to send them over telnet to twitch? 11

back on usperatch their used to be an ai ladder with barbarian form the max and promi which is the base of the current ai and many others fighted it out all automatically in a ladder

What we really needed is auto caster.

D E T E C T E D M@A Build. M I C R O 10% O F.

I hope the devs can implented it soon so T90 doesnt have to work so hard doesnt even need to scout or cast anymore.

After that the second stage is the auto viewer so we dont have to spent hours watching stream anymore and it can just be done by AI for us. Just use code from some auto youtube click generator bots for this.