Auto scout in a competitive game

Different player pov at ~25 minutes. Red clicked one button during late feudal and the low hp auto scout did the rest. How did this end up in ranked and tournaments?

The least they could do is limit auto scout to quickplay and make it a setting in the lobby.

Auto scout2
Auto scout 1

The advantage is significant as the opponent had an easy time collecting relics and extra res. How is this competitive?

Sure you could waypoint scout but anyone knows it requires much more effort to get such perfect scouting and without auto scout it would rarely happen, especially around the ~25min mark.

In the vast majority of cases it has nothing to do with helping new players. It’s good that new players use ranked MM, but why does that mean such features have to be in my game? I see no excuse for how it is implemented. Why is it assumed that I want to use this feature, or else I have to be in a disadvantage?


Sometimes you get lucky with auto scout. Other times, auto scout decides it is a good idea to explore the far corner or runs into the enemy TC.

Most higher level players agree that controlling your scout is more effective. They will only switch to auto scout at later ages.

Define “competitive”

I’m talking about auto scouting after initial manual scouting, conveniently the auto scout will prioritize discovering unexplored areas and likely avoid the enemy tc.

Why should my opponent have the chance to be lucky and get perfect scouting for no effort? Why would it be ok to auto scout during later stages of the game? Why could you not waypoint scout with a different unit if the auto scout happens to suicide? One could even auto scout and meanwhile do manual scouting with another unit…

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Sorry for poiting that, but…
You can also autoscout, if your innitial Scout is alive. Both players have this ability, not just one. And if someone is able to win scout duel in Dark Age, should be rewarded.


Auto scout is super nice. I use to not use the scout in my initial attack and after getting my sheep would send him to enemy base then scout the rest of the map. At 400 elo it helped alot. Eventually i learned to play more aggressive and gave up a fully explored map to be able to deal more damage. Now im at 800 elo and still see auto scout used. I use it if going archers. It makes life easy.

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The answer is that you dont want to, your are in advantage when playing with someone that uses it. In a higher elo (above 1100) isnt implemented.
Why?: using the autoscout is a disadvantage in its current state. Why he got the 99% of the map scouted by 25 minutes and you dont, isnt because he “only click one button” the answer is in what where you doing with your scout.
When i used to face an opponent that relied on this feature, i was free to use the scout in anyway i wanted, scouting his base, attacking a villager, take information, etc… if my scout is still alive i just use the waypoint in the remaining anexplore zones. Meanwhile their scout is “inactive”, yes, the other player discovers all the map but on the other side i took more profit from the unit.

Manually scouting is mainly better then auto scout.

Auto scout is kind of only usefull if you have a weak scout left after the feudal age (who really cant join the fight). In all other situations you are better off scouting manually.

Autoscou shoulb be limited to first 10 minutes gane time. Or limited to dark age.

Either way to prevent the current pro player meta of using auto scout in late feudal to gain a potentially huge advantage.

Ewcpecially in red bull it’s so lame how this can be even game winning if you kill the enemy scout a ealry and have yours explore the hole map.


Auto scouting and the range mod must be banned from ranked.


i dont see a disadvantice if you use auto scouting in ranked

in my situation i would iniatally scout my sheeps and stuff and then try to walk towards enemy base and maybe autoscout when my scout still lives

i dont see a unfair advantice i mean if my scout gets killed then i get punished and my enemy rightfully has an advantice


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This is a strategy game. Being conscious enough of your play to do small things like keep your scout alive and autoscout the map is part of improving at the game. Experts use autoscout in tournaments and none of them have ever called it “lucky” or uncompetitive. Because they know that losing their scout into the enemy TC or in a militia war is a mistake they can improve on, not bad luck.

Be more proactive in keeping your scout alive and maybe you can become a better player and take the advantage for yourself.


Heres what the person who has the entire map scouted gave up though - he doesn’t have any idea what his enemy is building or what army he is making.


His scout was low hp so fairly useless in combat. I’m specifically talking about how easy and effective auto scout is compared to waypoint scouting around clicking up to castle. Around this time there is usually only 1 enemy tc and no castles for the scout to run in. While micro intensive fights were happening, he was able to press one button and extend his apm by using auto scout. It’s not without reason that I had no scouting, I was too occupied with micro in his base to do waypoint scouting. And If I would have done it the result would have been far from his perfect scouting.

Yes… so why should that be allowed? How does that improve the game?

Imagine thinking auto scouting is a skill.

Neither would I if I were waypoint scouting…

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here the no music edit version

but notice hes clearly not waypoint scouting? his scouting is limited to the areas around his opponents base - so hes constantly up to date on what his opponent has built, and what units hes building.

I’m comparing waypoint scouting to auto scout, in which case neither would have the abillity to manual scout the enemy base. Why do you think people waypoint scout? Probably they are busy with other things or they have other units on the map which they can use to gain info.

In the pictures I was blue with the limited exploration. I was applying pressure with arch+scout and too busy microing to waypoint scout. Even before I got in reds base his scout was low hp so he pressed auto scout. This is even worse actually, I damaged his scout and in return he pressed auto scout… wtf. If his scout is not suitable for combat anymore he should at least do the effort to do waypoint scouting and not gain an advantage over me during micro when I want to break his palisade.

I believe auto scout should only be allowed in situations where both players can consent. However to find a middle ground the least they could do is remove it from ranked, keep it in quickplay and introduce a setting for the lobby.

Some say let’s limit it in ranked up to xxxx elo. That would keep auto scout out of my games so thats something, still If I were low elo I would not wish it upon myself to face such opponents. However if it’s really true that the vast majority of low elo players appreciate auto scout then perhaps this could be an idea. But it could bring additional problems such as players keeping their elo low to maintain the auto scout function.

Manually scouting is always better.
You’d normally want to auto scout only after you are already fighting your opponent full force. When you already got enough info about his strategy, army comp, possible counter measures, etc.