Auto-Scout in AOE3 poll

After looking at the high controversy that this feature caused in AOE2 DE (Please do not implement auto scouting) , probably all of you didn’t noticed that auto-scout is present in AOE3 DE now since release, I ve noticed that once you put in in auto-scout, still you can collect treasures and the explorer continues his way, so what do you think is a good addition?

Do you like Auto-Scout?
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If i am not mistaken aoe3 explorer had this feature from original aoe3.

I get why this is a controversial feature for competitive players, but I see no problem with it in casual games, with other players or AI. I actually wish it was added to all scouting units in the game. Maybe the devs could add a “Disable Auto-Scout” option for ranked matches.

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Not afaik. I didn’t hear about this until recently.

I really don’t have an issue with it. Unless it’s a treaty game, you’re going to just get your explorer killed if you’re not paying attention to your scouting. If it IS a treaty game, nothing wrong with flipping it on and focusing on booming.