Auto scouts

We need auto scouts to be focus on early economic own villager!!

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No, “we” don’t need it.


This is a proper Rts game not Dota 2.

Thing like scouting should not be automated. A patrol function would be nice tho.


You can have auto scout but it is useless, if you use auto south in RON you don’t know how to play…

We put the finite farms without being automatically spawned as in AoE2 HD?

Autoscout is usually not the most optimal way to scout if you know the maps and the location of the sheep well, so why not put it on?

I like scouting a lot, it gives you something to do early game.
Autoscout will put you at a disadvantage, and it’s better to learn to scout.

You can shift click paths on your minimap, it’s not like you have to babysit the scout the whole time
You babysit when you’ve got nothing better to do or if they walk in range of the enemy tc, that’s about it.