Automatic trading?

I was hoping the devs add an automatic trader to exchange food, wood, gold, stone automatically.

for example, I would set how much to sell per minute without have to go to the market to click 100 times to get 1000 gold, instead it would just sell the food automatically for me in exchange for gold. I think the idea would be great but i only got into the series when aoe4 released. it would be great for long drawn games and make some landmarks viable, such as the delhi food landmark. I don’t expect the devs to even look at the suggestion but it would be great to have.

Since the market values count for both players, you would lose control on how much you spend if its automated and you dont look at the current values because the trade off can get worse/better depending if/how the enemy uses it.

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it wouldn’t matter to me, because i will have billions of food, i wouldnt care if its 100 food for 10 gold, I have enough food for that trade off that it wouldn’t matter. it would be helpful rather than clicking the trade button 100 times. just a suggestion.

It would help a lot if it just had the same feature as AoE II DE where you hold shift when clicking.

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its still tedious unnecessary micro, set it auto to avoid having to go back and forth.