Available RAM to play

Hello! When I open AoE4 on my computer (8GB of RAM), I get the following message (after closing every application other than AoE4):

But before opening AoE4, when I check the Performance tab in the Task Manager, it says I have 4.9 GB available.

Does anyone know what might be going on/how I can fix it? Thank you!


i get the same message when starting the game

Ignore the message, the game runs ok

not for me :confused:

probably mostly because i have a pretty bad graphics card, but this message still makes me worried that AoE4 isn’t accessing the RAM that’s available to it!

I too have 8gb and played it in beta, no hiccups or lags
it is just an annoying message

I’m also getting this message. It says there’s 2.7gb of 8gb being used. I have 8gb of RAM available.