Average the conversion time of monks

Balance change that would minimize the random factor of monk conversion.

Make the shortest time last longer and the longest time last shortest,
aka the minimum time higher, maximum time lower.

The change could be very small, barely noticeable, yet it would make some specific situations more consistent. Situations such as one monk always managing to convert the knight from 9 range and never converting a scout from 9 range. Makes sense? - makes sense to me.


just saw that on stream, it was embarassing to see those light cav getting converted those fast. a counter should be a counter

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But then, where would be the point in using several monks on one unit (so you can benefit from the monk with the shortest conversion time). If all monks were equal on every conversion then there would be no point to do that, so the next point that everyone would like to have would be Auto-Convert (e.g. select 10 monks and “patrol” them somewhere, and they would convert anything in the path). Do not see a point in making conversions less random

First of all, I never suggested making it a constant.

Secondly, I don’t know if you realize but realistically when you play a competitive game you want to distribute your conversions on multiple enemy units (aka micro with monks).

Thirdly, that’s the argument “WHAT’S NEXT YOU"RE GOING TO DO …?!”. Well no, we’re discussing here Averaging the conversion time of monks (as the title suggests)
(Average the conversion time of monks)

Lastly, if for some reason you don’t see the benefits when others do but at the same time you don’t see any drawbacks why oppose the change?

Oh, in many situations you do want to focus multiple Monks on a single unit (even without Theocracy researched) so that you can get a better chance at a fast conversion. Examples would be if the enemy has a single powerful unit, such as a Mangonel or a Bombard Cannon, that you want to prioritize converting. Or if you’re going to lose the Monks to a few Scouts anyway, you might try to target one of the Scouts to get at least one unit instead of losing all of your Monks for nothing. Deciding between focusing on a single unit and spreading conversion among multiple units is a critical part of Monk micromanagement. :slight_smile:


Sure, so it depends. As you can see in the clip TheMax distributed 2 monk on 2 scouts. He didn’t go for the same scout as you suggest.

I think I now know what you’re trying to say.

You’re saying that when you put multiple monks on a single enemy unit they should convert faster than normal.
Yes! I agree. The base I relate to here is 1 monk converting 1 enemy unit.
If more monks are converting the same unit the conversion should go faster. Whichever it is the maximum (or as well minimum) conversion time lower.

It’s all up to testing.

I think it’s a good idea to make conversion times a bit less random. Statistically it actually shouldn’t change much, since the current system has short and long conversions balancing each other out. But having a more reliable average conversion time allow the player to more strategically decide when to commit to a fight, and when run.


I think it’s a tried a true mechanic and shouldn’t be messed with that much except to maybe tweak the times here and there.

I create a video where I explain with simulations, the ranges and put Excel values ​​of the conversions, the video is in Spanish but I think you can interpret it very well, and is useful for understand this problem https://youtu.be/SGM7MBB2Mts

What if they could make it so that overall conversion times of monks in a game averages to the mean value.
What I mean is, if average of your first three conversions were lower than the average time required for a conversion, the fourth one will require more than average time, thus the new average of four conversions will get closer to overall mean conversion time.