Awesome incredible biomes & maps for "Sultans Ascend"

Extraordinary Reality based Maps leveraging “Sultans Ascend” theme:

(all real unique places from Roman Empire / Byzantines + Abbasid Caliphate + Ottoman Empires)

1- Cappadocia

DO BATTLE in a AoE map of the real-world wonderland of otherworldly fairy chimneys, colored earth and mysterious ancient SECRET CAVE CITIES of the UNDERWORLD where the first Christians and renegades hid in sanctuaries of darkness;

real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Persian Empire / Roman Empire / Ottoman Empire)

2- Nile Delta

Immense 5,000-year-old PYRAMIDS of dead Pharaohs tower over a map of the world’s most celebrated flooded delta, where the vastest desert meets pure lush green;



real location: Egypt :egypt: (in AoE4 time, Umayyad / Abbasid Caliphate / Mamluk Sultanate / Ottoman Empire)

3- Urfa

DO BATTLE for ETERNITY amongst 12,500-year-old BEAST MEGALITHS (6,000 years older than Egypt, 9,000 years older than China, 10,000 years older than Rome) in a AoE map of the real-world LOST CIVILIZATION Gobeklitepe that simply was not supposed to EXIST and completely broke our knowledge of History

real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Persian Empire / Roman Empire / Caliphate / Ottoman Empire)

4- Halep (Aleppo)

A high citadel in the middle of this AoE map to celebrate the WORLD’s greatest and most ancient 4,000-year-old castle and fortress in strategic Syria;

real location: Syria :syria: (in AoE4 time, Roman Empire / Persian Empire / Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates / Ottoman Empire)

5- Nemrut

Get inspired for BATTLE with the mighty “Mountain of Gods” in the center of the map with majestic, haunting GIGANTIC COLOSSI of Greek and Persian Gods from remote antiquity;


real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Roman Empire / Persian Empire / Ottoman Empire)

6- Dara

DEATH, death everywhere. Fight in a AoE map of the real-world NECROPOLIS of HEROES, the bloodied last frontier town of the Byzantine Empire, with enormous secret underground STRONGHOLDS full of strategic water right in the dry, arid no-man’s land, and GRAVES of the DEAD heroes everywhere, always ready for direct attacks of the eternal superpower rival Persia.
real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Byzantine Empire / Umayyad Caliphate / Ottoman Empire)

real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Byzantine Empire / Umayyad Caliphate / Ottoman Empire)

7- Palmyra

AoE map on the ancient WONDER in the DESERT that was more beautiful than Rome. Feel the glory and the energy.

real location: Syria :syria: (in AoE4 time, Persian Empire / Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphate / Ottoman Empire )

8- The Cotton Castle

The Roman Empire’s and the WORLD’s most famous hot springs resort for millennia, planet EARTH’s only 100% PURE WHITE travertines, can be the scenery for an EXTRAORDINARY AoE map.

real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Roman Empire / Seljuk Empire / Ottoman Empire)

Real Biomes from the region of “Sultans Ascend”:

1- olive orchards of the Holy Land + waters of the Red Sea

2- temperate grasslands of Cappadocia + colorful salt lakes

3- flooded savannah of Nile delta

4- arid Sahel grassland from Africa


This is very good devs can add for example some pyramids to the desert or other stuffs to other biomes

for example this is natural some people didnt said lets build a ### city there its natures doing and can added to the game

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Yea I mean, the Gobeklitepe / Urfa beast megaliths, the Dara necropolis, the Nemrut colossi, Cappadocia cave cities could be some INFINITELY exciting map elements, far better than anything AoE has ever done before.

Of course there are countless other alternatives which I’ll elaborate later, this region is the most historical on Earth and the wealthiest in “game material”.

Having 12,500-year-old massive 40-ton BEAST MEGALITHS (a whopping 9,000 years older than China) with cool scorpions, snakes, buffalos in the same REAL WORLD geographical location of the civilizations of “Sultans Ascend” and not make it an element of a special map type in the game?? Feels unthinkable, the mother of all missed opportunities.

In fact, not adding any of these elements to the game would be like having all the most exciting historical Wonders on the entire planet Earth - stuff way older and more mysterious than ANYTHING in Europe, China or Japan - RIGHT THERE, at the heart of the theme geography of the expansion, and wasting everything in the trash


Hoppefully generated maps get some of this kinda stuff. You cant only make the maps with only land, mountains and water at the moment.

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The problem with the Gobeklitepe / Urfa beast megaliths, is than this buildings were buried since prehistory to 1995. So this buildings cannot appear in the middle age or even in the antiquity.

Your another suggestions look good.

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Yep. To be able to render map-specific, randomly located static map elements is not a big breakthrough from current capabilities, but it’s a galactic leap in coolness of AoE maps in famous historic regions

Yes, in that sense the maps generated in AoE 3 did it better…

Yes the megaliths, temples and Lost Civilization settlements were buried for over 12 thousand years - since a mind-blowing 10,000 years before Rome even existed.

Late 20th centuty, they were partly uncovered after millenia of frequent earthquakes (in intact condition), and humanity finally rediscovered the Lost Civilization (yes technically, they were still lost during AoE4 time).

But it would be awesomely cool to showcase them as partly buried elements on the map, or even better, as a specialized “Mega Sacred Site” skin in a sensational ultra-ancient “Urfa” map with archaeological remains.

What do you mean? AoE3 maps have unique ruins / historical wonders?

(more incredible map elements for “Sultans Ascend”)

9- Troia

Get HEROIC and LEGENDARY and DO BATTLE amongst the ruins of Troy and the remains of the TROJAN HORSE on the map in AoE4: “Sultans Ascend”

real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire)

10- Abu Simbel

Get IMMORTAL with the enormous Abu Simbel temple of PHARAOH RAMSES on the “Abu Simbel” Sultans Ascend map (by the way AoE4 needs the MAMLUK SULTANATE civ!)

real location: Egypt :egypt: (in AoE4 time, Umayyad & Abbasid Caliphate, Mamluk Sultanate, Ottoman Empire)

11- Obruk

DO BATTLE and feel the UTTER DESTRUCTION of a massive, ultra-deep METEOR STRIKE SINKHOLE next to a large Silk Road trade caravanserai in the middle of the “Obruk” map of Sultans Ascend. (the Turkish Sultan was a cool and fun guy, to order the construction of a caravanserai right next to a mega meteor sinkhole)

real location: Turkiye :tr: (in AoE4 time, Byzantine / Roman Empire, Seljuk Sultanate, Ottoman Empire)


It has native settlements that vary depending on the map or the region…

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Yes, that’s true, they could have gone that way, rather than getting civs of dubious origin…

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Of course, now they opened the door to see anything…

This thread sounds like a Vinfryss post with so many exaggeration praise words.

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Wow. AoE needs this.

Let’s be simple and honest:
This is a million times cooler and more historical, a million times more AoE than JD’Arc “person is the civ” with a huge handcannon.

By the way, any news about the 10 new map types on DLC?


None so far.

I bet they will ignore the amazing community suggestions and include bland map types with no history elements.

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Millenia-old decapitated giant Colossi of Nemrut. Badass af and right at the heart of Sultans Ascend’s relevant geography.

AoE deserves a Nemrut map and real civs. Not “Chuck Norris with a Big Hand Cannon” Jeanne Darc.


As always we go, but I’m not surprised…they let FE make the game maps…

You mean FE took over AoE4 map design from Relic? Since what date? What difference do you expect

Yeah, since the Anniversary Edition…maybe the new maps will be more oriented to the AoE 3 maps, with more unique biomes…

Hopefully is like the AoE 3 maps with treasures or references to AoE 1, AoE 2 and AoM…