Awesome tips noobs-veteran **

I havent seen a player based hot tips thread yet… if so then they will prob get merged… if u got some hot tip aoe4 related on masteries, or something unique post it… but lets keep the banter low. I will also try to add more as i find them, “” sorry if i dont give u credit, im just too lazy to type some of your rediculous long weird multicharacter names all the time…”” but most things here wont be from my orginality.

Masteries progress!!! Can be tracked from the xbox profile/app @Th3Cyb3rGuy

Masteries almost always require the base unit type not the elite

Cntrl 1-9 (cntrl grp) (when nothing selected) can erase your preselected groups

Placing a cannon/culverin in a wall gate can blast incoming rams/siege and cant be touched by most things @Daiginn

Using the alt f3 overlay for your nvidia can adjust settings for clearer visuals, including less of the whitewash fog effect. More satisfying graphic setting - #12 by Daiginn

Take over defeated landmarks by garrisoning in the destroyed bldng @PlumpDucklin


F1 will select all military building
F2 will select all resource drop buildings and markets
F3 will select all blacksmiths/universities
F4 will select starting tc and all landmarks

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