Ayyubids / Arabs never used jousting lances on camel back

or at least i think they didn’t!! you as developers are the expert and history guys so if i’m wrong please tell me. You placed a big emphasis on historical immersion so i hope you receive this post well.

since the beginning it felt unnatural how Abbasid & Delhi lancers had jousting lances even though they didn’t historically use them, even Mamluk who came later than Ayyubids (& much later than Abbasids) didn’t. I got used to it though, but i still hope it is corrected (Mongol Keshik have proper spears come on)

I am very excited for the expansion & have it wishlisted, but Ayyubids using jousting lances on camels is a hard pill to swallow, it looks weird and non-immersive

Relic please, you pour much love & passion in your work, and its betterment is a win of us all


It looks odd but I can roll with it.

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It is a bit weird that the lances seem to be completely metal, don’t know of any that are full metal.

Also it would look better if they were part wood and steel or painted wood.

Otherwise I agree with the european lance looking odd on a non-european unit.

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In the Japanese screenshot you could see Japanese spear warriors use jousting lance too, I personally consider it as a substitute in developing progress, in optimistic concerning.

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Pretty sure the Japanese get a slightly reskinned lancer unit (aka the Chinese/Delhi etc version of the knight)

The obsession with “middle eastern people fighting on camelback” is already quite inaccurate in the first place.