Ayyubids - Atabeg Supervision Buff + Cavalry + Biology - When Biology (+20% cavalry HP) and Atabeg Supervision is applied to cavalry, they have +40% HP, instead of +44% HP (works correctly with melee infantry and siege)

For Ayyubids, you can get Atabegs to buff specific military buildings, which gives +20% HP to units produce from there. However, if you research “Biology” from the University for +20% HP to Cavalry, it does not combine properly with Atabeg Supervision, since it gives +40% HP from their natural max HP, rather than +44% HP.

For Melee Infantry with “Elite Army Tactics” (+20% Melee Infantry HP), and Siege with “Siege Works” (+20% Siege HP), they properly get a total max HP of 144% (120% x 120% = 144%).

Unfortunately, it only gives 140% HP (120% + 20% = 140%) to Cavalry.