Ayyubids' Atabegs are weird

So the atabegs are this unit you get from the advisors wing put one in a military building and whatever comes out of it will have 20% extra HP, once a building is chosed the atabeg can’t come out of it to boost another building instead. First I don’t like the fact that you can’t change buildings at will it puts away from the flexibility it’s supposed to give but that’s not all.

If the building is destroyed you can recruit the atabeg back in your house of wisdom for 100 food and 100 gold their idea was probably to allow the player to get his atabeg back if the enemy destroys the building. But this also means that you actually can choose another building to boost later on you just have to delete the one previously boosted which feels like a very weird interaction.

It makes the wing kinda bad to use especially since it has to compete with the bazaar wing.
I think you should be able tomove the atabeg at will or at least have a “fire atabeg” option in the boosted building that’s deletes the atabeg if we really have to recruit him again for balance’s sake but deleting the building is a bit much.

The train Atabeg button in the house of wisdom should become a return Atabeg button if the limit is reached. Pay the same cost, select a Atabegged building, get him back.

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