Aztec 3rd Edition - Suggestions

Hi all, this is my Aztec 3rd edition suggestion topic.

Each icon represents a city (Alteptl) from its alliance, there are mods that change it.

Most unit names are in their culture language, ex: “Rodelero” (Spanish) from their shield “rodela”, “Cuirassier” (French) from “cuirass” a type of pectoral armor, “Doppelsoldner” (German), etc.


  • Puma Spearmen = Tlamanih Spearmen
    Rank name “Captor” lowest rank of warriors
  • Arrow Knight = Tequihua Bowman
    Name given to archers in the army

  • Eagle Knight = Cuāuhtli (singular) | Cuāuhmeh (plural)

  • Jaguar Knight = Ocēlōtl (singular) | Ocēlōmeh (plural)

  • Skull Knight = Cuachic (singular) | Cuachicqueh (plural) “Shorn ones”
    Edited: “Skulls” didnt exist, its clothes are from the Marshal rank “Tlacochcalcatl” “the man from the house of darts”, in ####### Skulls are the representation of Cuachicqueh, the highest ranking caste of the empire.

Note: Naming could be without weapon name, ex: Tequihua instead of Tequihua bowman, as, Rodelero, etc.

Fortress to “Main temple” or Nahuatl equivalent.

Fortress issues:
-If destroyed can’t be build back and only 1 can be built.
-its model is “ruined” version of Chichen Itza which is Mayan.

Fixes Ideas:
-At least 1 more fortress limit and/or Chief ability to build them if destroyed.
-Main temple model could be used or other capital buildings instead.

-A4 or card to produce Skull Knights.
-A mix between Temple and Fortress, available from A2, scales with ages and cards.


Villager: replace javelin (ahtlatl) with blowguns for hunting, rocks or slings for normal attack.

Reason: Ahtlatl was reserved to nobles, while blowguns were used to hunt. Rock/Sling, during the Spanish conquest Moctezuma II was killed by enraged people throwing stones at him, other sources said he was killed by the Spanish.

Most melee infantry have several weaknesses such as canon aoe killing them easily (this is intended), unlike ranged cant space apart (formation). Melee units in general (cavalry too) tend to collide and get in the way of others, wasting time and attacks unlike ranged.

Aztec units have low siege damage, average health and damage. Most have bonuses vs cavalry making some anti cav units feel useless (Puma-Eagle). In general they feel as if intended to be massed to overwhelm.

Aztec equivalent to Hussar, used to flank vs canons/skirmishers but lacks hit points and resistance/damage vs cannons. Hussars on their own are fairly good vs the above, while coyote even with 3 cards does it poorly.

Could be an “insurgente” type unit and even replace militia. (Edited: Have a max limit of 50 instead of using population), representing better “commoners” joining warfare and the big population America had.

Aztec doesn’t have artillery or ranged aoe. Otontin could become “Grenadier” type by having two modes, obsidian ammo makes it shot faster, clay ball shots slower but deals aoe. Via a card.

Edited: *Or having charged shot that does aoe damage ## ########## Or another options could be splitting the unit one in war hut as is now and another with the name “Yaoquizqueh” as SirBarnzy1 suggested, another in the noble hut named Otontin.

It’s a bad joke, doesn’t make sense, longest range of all archers, too slow and has bonus vs artillery.

Could be skirmisher/blowgun type unit, smaller range as all archers, faster fire rate and movement speed and leave anti-artillery bonuses to other units (coyote-eagle).

It’s equivalent to Dragoon but lacks its bonus vs artillery (Edited: and should be the Elite version of coyotes). Its hand attack should be increased too, to behave as Hakkepelits.

Its main issue its availability, if it could be created at fortress/noble barracks should be enough to be fielded faster, while Plaza does something else (as Incas), plus their hit points works well to tank.

Edited: Alternatevely to be as Papal units an infinite card unit that can be shipped in the Plaza or Fortress, using resources and taking shipment space and time.

Scorched Earth: Edited: Should affect all units as Japanese cards does, especially since only puma and arrow have decent siege damage, with the change above mentioned their base siege damage should be reduced.

Ruthlessness: Should affect all units too, even more since Aztecs siege damage is low. Especially for fast units that can act as raiders (Coyote-eagle).

3 Knight Cards: Should affect all units too, especially Otontin slingers. Since all “warriors” acquired “noble” status, even after 2 reforms of Moctezuma I and II that limited commoners “ennoblement”.

Aztec” term has been a debate, personally I don’t like it, in a former edition proposed the use of “Mexica” but many argued against due x/y reasons and the confusion with actual Mexico.


Nahuas, I agree enlarges the scope, some thread in discord suggested having revolutions to Tlaxcaltecs.

“Excan Tlahtoloyan” is the actual term for tripple alliance in Nahuatl, means: “Los tres lugares donde se dan órdenes”. (Three places from where orders are given, roughly translated). Others as Pedro Carrasco proposed “Tenochca”, native of Tenochtitlan.

Thank you for reading this far, I tryed to list things that are possible in the most “balanced” way possible, while taking in consideration both gameplay and history. Comment bellow your thoughts, just try to be constructive.


Reserved to Wild Ideas
Ideas-suggestions that can be considered major ideas akin to reworks that probably are not very balance, fully flesh out, etc.

it’s been mentioned, Eagles/Jaguars models/textures are bad. Jaguars have been improved as many in game (Thank you devs). Skull Knights use “Tlacochcalcatl” clothes (Marshal Rank, soon to be Emperor), Imperial Puma use “Tlacatccatl” clothes (General Rank).

Aztec waged war with the purpose of acquire captives, some sources tell that when battle started they hurled projectiles as arrows, rocks, javelins and then engaged in melee combat.

  • Chieftain: currently is heavily focused on melee, as stated above a ranged skill ability would be nice, especially one that can be used both vs treasure guardians and normal troops.

Aztec Chieftain is the representation of the Emperor or a “local” ruler of an “Altepetl” (city). The Emperor by Aztec tradition was a noble of military career that had probably enlisted as Eagle warrior, then Cuachic, then tlacochcalcatl and eventually Huey Tlatoani. To resume would be well versed in warfare.

  • Eagle: In my opinion, this unit representation makes it as if it was a Javelineer, would be nice if instead throw 1 javelin as a charged shot much like hospitaliers or soldados and then engaged in melee.

  • Eagle Scout: This unit is a “patch” for other problems, the fact that many players prefer to use starting warrior priest to plaza than to help chieftain, the lack of animal companion for Aztecs since jaguars were left to a4 card and lil nostalgia of aoe2 scout. In general I think with some of the things mention here and there this unit is unneeded, as its only function is to aid chief in early game.


  • Side arms (dummy name): Gives units a ranged charged shot (as hospitaliers). Jaguars get blowgun shot, Skull Knights get Ahtlatl shot.

  • Poison (dummy name): Arrow and Jaguar ranged weapons gain poison attack (as carib blow gunners).

  • Smoking Mirror: Sends 1 “Tlacateccatl” (General) that acts as a Japanese daimyo can’t train units and when killed re-spawns after x time as rajas. Has aura that increases damage of nearby units.

  • Great Temple of Huitzilopochtli Support: Sends 1 “Tlacochcalcatl” (Field Marshal) that acts as a Japanese daimyo can’t train units and when killed re-spawns after x time as rajas. Has aura that increases damage of nearby units and improves skull knight in combat.

  • Great Temple of Tezcatlipoca Support: Change age to 1, allow Chieftain to train them and to be used in the Plaza as Incas use Llamas.


  • Aztec-Inca Fortress: could be a mix of Temple-Palace, built from A2 with ranged attack (as Italian-Mexican churches). Cards could add extra build limit, able to rebuild if destroyed and add units.

I like the idea. Even we can use only the Mexico gliph (the cactus). A thing based on a real icon is better than a completely forged flag.

Absolutely. Don’t forget translate the name in section History.

Aztec already uses a big number of units. More units may cause lag and are hard to organize.

Replacing the current Strelet-approach (cheaper, but weaker, but many) or how?

Yes, they doesn’t have sense, but they are completely unique units. They are a unique arquetype. The originality is a good thing, I wouldn’t want get rid of that.

Anything that offsets their nerfs is welcome.

Their speed too is bad.

Aztec is okay, but if we have to change it, Nahua is also OK. Remember, AOE III names civilizations, not countries (excepting USA)

Atlatl was invented for hunting. However, for Aztecs it was a ceremonial weapon, as you said.

Maybe devs can improve the melee IA, prompting them to have a lance formation, and the leader attacking the farthest unit, and the others attacking the units nearest to them, or right in front.

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The Cuachicqueh is not the Skull Knight. However, the role of the Skull Knight is more alike the role the Cuachicqueh had, historically. What do you think about this?:


Good you brought it up, to clarify anyone reading, “Skull Knights” are none existant. There is no record that tells of a soldier being called that, besides the “Tlacochcalcatl” that was like a Marshal and wore the suit the unit has.

That looks nice by the way, did you made it?

Maybe you are right, depends on the number of players of so, map, etc. But better safe than sorry so the 50 limit could be scratched

You mean for the puma? Yes being like insurgents practically, cheap, not strong and even they could lack A4-5 upgrades

With the otontin, i meant literaly like a grenadier, throwing the clay balls from the sling dealing area damage, could be the A4 card that upgrades them.

Totally desagree, they arent usefull. would better serve as skirmisher or musketeer unit and leave the anti artillery to other units.


True enough, Nahua would be even better

I found that attack move makes them “smarter” but still formation is an issue. AI could use a tweak though as you said.

Suggestion for an Aztec mercenary building (Tavern-equivalent):

Pochteca House
Pochteca were the influential traders and merchants within the Triple Alliance states. They were so rich and powerful they would even hire private armies.

In game they are functionally the same as Taverns - offering local Outlaws and a small Coin trickle.

For the mercenary (and tributary) side they could have mercenaries that are exclusive and local to Aztecs and/or the normal random Mercenaries though with the prefix Renegade.

On a more broader note, the more generic term, Trade House or Trade Lodge could be used for other Native civs to allow them use of Tavern/Saloon functions.

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Tengo que discrepar, especialmente en los cambios de unidades:

  • Los aztecas no tienen poco asedio, 3 de sus unidades alcanzan 100 de daño. 2 de ellas costando 1 espacio de población (Pumas, JPK)

  • El problema del asedio es el AoE para tirar muros. Esto se solucionó con los morteros. El problema es que cuestan 6 de población. Era mejor cuando estaban reservados a la Edad Imperial.

  • De acuerdo sobre una carta de SK infinita, aunque haya que ajustarlos en las estadísticas. Lo mismo para los Tokala.

  • La carta de los otomíes debería aumentarles el daño contra infantería pesada. Un 15% en edad IV para los pobres valores del hondero es como no mejorar nada, especialmente el daño.

  • Los ERK no tienen que ser coyotes de élite. No cumplen la misma función, son los dragoons aztecas, no gendarmes. Y han sido empeorados continuamente sin razón. Sus penalizaciones deberían desaparecer.

  • Ambas unidades, como “caballería” que son, no tienen porque tener mucho asedio.

  • Los AK han de tener ese alcance para poder parar a la artillería enemiga. Y no son tan buenos contra un número relativamente grande de cañones (que tienen bonus contra ellos). Su penalización contra infantería no tiene sentido, en ningún momento ganaban batallas.

La gente no entiende que el hecho de las unidades aztecas teniendo mayores estadísticas que el resto tiene que ser así puesto que sacrifican 15 aldeanos en la plaza comunitaria, sin tener fábricas

  • Los sacerdotes guerreros tardan demasiado en entrenarse, en mi opinión deberían entrenarse más rápidp a medida que se avanza de edad. O revertir escuela de esgrima, una carta que otras naciones no suelen envíar puesto que es un efecto a largo plazo. Eso y que los misioneros sí se ven afectados por la ecuestre y son instántaneos
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That would be nice :slight_smile:

Si en apariencia pareciera bueno pero, los cañones tienen bonus contra edificios alcanzando 500-1000 de daño. Haces unos 5-10 y es muy fácil tirar edificios.

Totalmente de acuerdo

Deberían de ser como los Hakkepelits, buen daño de rango y melee.


Si, no cumplen su función. Por eso sería mejor que fungieran como guerrilleros o musqueteros.

Cierto, si los pudiéramos entrenar desde mínimo la edad 2 ayudaria

This seems like a rework, I don’t agree with several things to start the name corrections, come on friend, you don’t think that I’m going to memorize all those names haha, and as for military issues it’s a little funny that you complain about a supposed weakness of the Aztecs, when the Aztecs were the ones who received buffs so much that I would never have imagined random aztec players putting top players on the rope, what I do agree with is the Aztec fortress, obviously that is not a fortress and It needs a new model, I don’t know much about the Aztecs, I guess they had fortresses or something similar

Well I get u my friend, hate learning languages in gen. But languages are fascinating, they can tell us a lot of a culture.

Plus most civs have it, Gurkha, Sepoy, Gacenya, etc

Why wouldnt Aztecs? Come on we have did it before, we can do it again.

They did receive nerfs too and can be debated, it depends on perspective. And not only Aztecs all Civs have received buffs/nerfs and reworks.

Again that’s debatable, if devs release changes to a civ in a spawn of 6 months, 1 each month isnt that a “rework” too?

We can agree to disagree :wink:

I really like the time you took to rework some of the inaccuracies but the devs will never pay attention to low play civs like Aztec. I think our efforts is better put into balance first.

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I agree the shorn ones could be a new shock infantry unit that acts like a Spanish lancer, skull knights can remain skull knights and limited access.

I dunno, we’ve had plenty of rename and reskins with the Europeans as of recent and some of those units are a little less intuitive than spearmen that hurt cavalry and slingers that hurt heavy infantry.

I’m all for renames, especially for the highly rank (based on how many captives taken) based military of the Aztecs.

Name and model are incorrect.
Name suggestion: Yaoquizqueh Slingers
Model/skin suggestion: Loin cloth upgrading finally to simple padded vest.

Name justification:
Ontontin were originally called Mācehualtin in the Ensemble sdays, which was actually far closer in accuracy in what they’re called now (though still incorrect!). Mācehualtin means Commoners (as in your farmers) and the proper name for Commoners conscripted for war was Yaoquizqueh. Commoners were have been used to screen/skirmish with slings, bows & arrows before the Nobles Warriors attacked in melee - Ontontin were actually an elite warrior society so were not used as common slingers. So elite in fact, that they were 1 captive away from the Shorn Ones high rank.

Model justification:
The current model is neither a lowly peasant conscript nor a high ranking Ontontin - it’s a Papalotl, which was a 3-captive rank warrior. Proper warriors again wouldn’t be seen dead as slingers - they wanted to beat the enemy to the ground in melee, hoping to get more captives. In all honesty, if we look at the standard Aztec War Hut as a Telpochcalli (commoner school), all of it roster should be commoner types. Spears. Arrows (Arrow Knights are made-up) and Slings should all be Yaoquizqueh-fodder (with a few exceptions).

Other notes:
Having Commmoner units such as these slingers being available at the War Hut (having its name changed to Telpochcalli would help too) would actually help for unit recognition. Enemy making lots of loin-clothed/simply-clothed units? - he’s gotta be making simple (in use),cheap units to swarm you. Enemy making fantastic, ornate and colorful units? - well he’s making expensive but elite units.


A big yes from me.

This is another rename and reskin.

Skull Knight > Cuachicqueh

Function can be the same. These guys were considered the best melee warriors.

Skull knights’s model is that of a General - the Tlacochcalcatl , so this could be another skin for your Warchief

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I think that the Jaguar Knight should stop being heavy infantry and be just infantry and should become weak against cavalry.

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I would only add the bonus vs artillery, the coyote is fine that way.

No, you’re crazy, the puma is fine the way it is. The only thing I could debate is the “siege” label it has.

The otomin is excellent as light infantry. There is no need for such a sudden change.

The AK is excellent, the only thing I would ask for is that armor vs. artillery be added.

The truth is that it is a bad idea, the ERK is fine as it is, I feel like it is a little overnerfed, but it is still very good.

The skull is probably one of the most powerful units in the game, I have suffered to tears facing them when the Aztec FI was meta, and since then they haven’t changed much. If you want them more available, you have to nerf practically all of their statistics so that it is balanced.

I correct it, the JKP, the Puma, the ARK, the Skull and the coyote (if you look at it with nice eyes) have an acceptable siege. If you add that card, the ERK also has a good siege.

My conclusion about your suggestions is that you need to learn more about the Aztecs and the game in general, because most of the suggestions are unfounded and bad ideas, which only lead to a very large imbalance in civilization.

Well, I think balance and accuracy should go hand in hand. Devs are more silent but I think they still read us.

A long while created a post about Explorer idea skins, some have been brought.

I didn’t mention anything, but yes Otontin could be renamed to Yaoquizqueh and remain as is. A new unit could be introduced “Otontin” and function as a grenadier.

Im in for that, War hut and noble hut names aren’t bad but bland

Agree, base vs artillery. Cards could improve it further or give a lil charged attack (just brainstorming possibilities).

Crazy and fine? I could said the same of you, no it not. There is no reason to make them all units have vs cav bonuses the only outstanding thing of them is it’s siege damage.

Did you read the post and replies? Or You are just after stats?

Ah you are one of those, no it’s not excellent is bad, slow, expensive a bad joke. Has the longest range of all archers, damage vs siege but it’s killed by siege.

Ah bad joke, bad unit, completely inaccurate.

Is it fine or nerfed?, you are contradicting yourself.

Again Aztecs launched volleys then engaged in melee combat to capture people, since Arrows are useless as it’s current role a swap is needed.

Arrows as archers, Eagles as dragoons.

Did you know that Jaguar beats Skull due its vs heavy bonus? I won’t denny they are strong but Macemam for Incas are strong too and can be train normally.

Another way would be to Great temple of Huitzilopochtli to allow their training as Papal guards, shipment like.

That’s very debatable, again 10 mortars, even 5 each reach around 1000 damage due its bonus.

Did you really read the post and replies? You really don’t know much of Mexicas nor the game it seems. If you reply try to be constructive next time.

Pero es que los AK no son arqueros, son culverins. Por eso son lentos, con mucho alcance y sin bonus contra infantería pesada ni caballeria ligera.

Y en cuanto al asedio, los aztecas también tienen morteros.

La infantería azteca como dije tiene mucho ataque de asedio. Tirar edificios no es un problema, el problema es matar infantería sin luchar cuerpo a cuerpo