Aztec age 1 explorer treasure hunt

The new ability that give extra dps to knight and warrior priest vs treasure guardian is really underwhelming and does not help at all to hunt for treasure. In maps where there is no human guardian, aztec fall behind really early because of no treasure. It further snowball against you because aztec has a really poor eco behind this and what little advantage you get the first age help you tremendously for the second age. I think getting the same ability as the Sioux Warchief would correct that at the very least but I’m not sure it would fix the balance for aztec because at the moment they are at the very bottom in the power level departement…


I don’t know why Aztecs was nerfed. I barely saw them played. Still not played.

Make them more fun at least, if not stronger. (More fun mercs on shipments, better big buttons that’s not outdated like how Incas big buttons are… Incas big buttons actually help very well, etc.)


Probally because playing pokemon with treasure guardians was seen as racist in a way…


I mean yeah but why do they give azted the one and only bad ability for treasure hunting?


Completely agree. I understand the idea to not convert animals but not having any bĂłnus at all for treasure hunting?

Since WC needs to attack on melee it cannot use the táctics of other Explorer, so the aztec warchief cannot get more than one or two treasure at Best. Give them the sioux or even the chinese ability…


I dont think anyone ever use it xD, its quite crappy. Sorry had to say it.

So I was thinking about this, so I came with a few suggestions:
Maybe have a ranged skill attack, Throwing a spear (like an Eagle Warrior, from his ahtlal spear/dart thrower).
Or/and adding a ranged attack too.