Aztec Arrow Knight Rework

Aztec Arrow Knight Rework

Aztec Arrow Knight’s 2 population weakens this unit. For that, some features of Aztec Arrow Knight need to be rearranged. This change reduces the load on Aztec’s other units. Also, Aztec Arrow Knight can become more useful.

Aztec Arrow Knight Rework

Population: 1 (2)

Food: 50 (55)

Coin: 75 (80)

Hit Points: 135 (160)

Melee Attack: 4 (6.5)

Ranged Attack: 7 (11) (Multipliers: 4x Artillery (5x), 1.5x Infantry)

Siege Attack: 30 (39)

Other features are the same

I am not into that. Whenever I play Aztecs, I already tend to make a “death ball” of eagles and arrow knights, while neglecting other units.

I would rather buff the arrow knights against artillery mainly, and buff the war hut units, like giving them +0.5 against infantry in addition to villagers with age 3 ruthlessness card, and further increase the range of the slingers with each upgrade.

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Very drastic changes, would probably never happen. For 2 pop I would just buff +1 to range attack and siege damage.

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