Aztec Arrow Knight should be buffed if Aztec Eagle Runner Knight was nerfed

Aztec Arrow Knight should be buffed if Aztec Eagle Runner Knight was nerfed

With the latest update coming, Aztec Eagle Runner Knight’s ranged attack has a 0.75x negative multiplier against infantry. Really the right decision. In addition, the Aztec Eagle Runner Knight’s price should also be reduced. In contrast, the Aztec Arrow Knight’s ranged attack should have a positive multiplier of between 1.25x to 1.5x against infantry. Also, the price of the Aztec Arrow Knight should be increased. In this way, I think that balance can be achieved in the game for Aztec.


o custo deveria ser 75 comida 50 ouro e os cavaleiros flecha terem dano em area

If the civ wasnt OP on the earlier patch why not just go back with last changes??
Remove effect of dueling school over Shock Infantry or go back to previous fertility dance rates.

Why devs cant go back with balance changes if they dont work?? Same happens with Hakkas.

I had expected them to have eggs linked with AOE2 and update some AOE3 versions of AOE2 campaign, but it turned out to be a disastrous change





Yeah .75 is too much imo without giving them some type of mid game or late game buff. Eagles are very expensive as well, and Aztec lack that oomph to be able to defeat infantry effectively after this pup. At least buff arrow and jpk to compensate for azzys lack of good eco and now lack of any good anti infantry unit.

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I had already commented on this in the publication of future changes. but I think it’s better here. I hope it doesn’t qualify as spam.

I would prefer the following changes:


-armor decreased from 0.25 to 0.20

-bonus against heavy infantry of 0.8 (only against heavy infantry)

-cost reduction


-Increases his base damage from 16 to 18.

-increases his armor from 0.1 to 0.2


-Legendary Otontin Slingers increases range by +2

-Otontin Slinger Combat, Otontin Slingers get +20% hit points and attack and increases their armor by +0.5


-occupies 4 population


Maybe after hard nerfing ERK it would be possible to use Skull Knights as anti-infantry unit?
Aztecs will be in desperate need of area damage and this is the only unit who has it. And he is almost never used because of his slow speed (apart from FI strategies) which is a shame.
Maybe devs can think about little rework here?

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Here goes my proposition. Aztec already has 3 other anti-cavalry units so Skull Knights doesn’t have to be.
Let’s change it into something similar to Spanish Lancer but with AoE:

  • melee shock infantry tag instead of heavy infantry tag
  • speed: 6.0
  • HP: 320 (no change)
  • melee attack: 10
  • multipliers: 2,5 vs Infantry (all infantry)
  • area of effect: 2
  • range resistance: 20%
  • siege: 30

He still won’t be available for training. Still shadow tech.

He will be a great counter to light infantry mass and a decent one to heavy infantry mass (because of shock infantry tag). He will be countered by heavy cavalry and hard countered by range cavalry.
He will be decent against artillery but not a direct counter.

Of course, these numbers can be adjusted but idea has some potential I guess. What do you think?

En ce cas que faire des coureurs coyotes qui sont déjà étiqueté infanterie de choc ? Ça ne serais il pas redondant ? :slight_smile:

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Spain has hussars as well as lancers. This would be the same thing.

France has hussars and cuirassiers.

India has sowar and mahout.

Ethiopia has Shotel and Oromo.

Hausa has Raider and Lifidi.

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Well, Lancer exists next to Hussar for Spanish and both of them have their purpose :wink:
Besides, Skull Knight is not available for normal training, this is a special unit. He would be great for a big mass of infantry, but for smaller armies Coyotes will still be more suitable.

merci d’avoir argumenté, je vois mieux, donc vous proposez deux infanteries de choc mais avec des rôles différent, c’est cela ? :slight_smile:

Yes. Many civs have two cavalry units that do almost the same thing.

Coyote and Skull Knight proposed by me are both capable of killing light infantry efficiently but this is their only similarity.

Coyote is not tanky, could by much faster with a card, can be stealthy, does not have area damage, can be normally trained.

Coyote traids equally with other hand cavalry while Skull Knight will be countered by them. Coyote is killed quickly by heavy infantry but Skull Knight will be able to fight them. There are plenty of differences :wink:

Useless rework since SK are mostly unusable because you cant train them, same for dog soldiers.

Again, aztecs need a coubner to skirms AT RANGE, role that hardly was done by ERKs.

SK are very powerfull as they are, the issue is that they arent trainable. Maybe some kind of HC card could be added.

As last point maybe a cooldown for aztec BBs can be added. Giving them a lategame benefit

I just had other questions:

How would the Aztecs respond to the grenadier+musketeer combo?

How could the Aztecs defeat an army of giant grenadiers?


Probably jaguars and coyotes, but jpk with 16 attack feels very underwhelming for their cost. Give jpk +2 attack and coyotes +5 hp as they are the worst shock infantry of the civs that have shock infantry.

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the grenadiers have ranged and melee area damage (area of 3 and 1 respectively); I don’t think the jaguars can beat the grenadiers (they will die before they can do much) and the coyotes will fall quickly if the grenadiers are protected by musketeers or halberdiers.

a mixed mass of grenadiers and musketeers or a great mass of giant grenadiers and the Aztecs would be lost.

those combos were already a problem for the Aztecs without having a weak ERK.

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The [Otontin Slinger] could possibly have a “Damage Over Time” effect (DOT) where they make enemy units bleed overtime. I remember reading on the Wikipedia that the Aztecs did apparently use hand molded clay balls for their “Tēmātlatl” (Slings) which were filled with either obsidian flakes or pebbles.

There could also be a card for them called “Furious Slinging” which will decrease the set-up time for the [Otontin Slinger] before they attack, but there will be some kind of trade-off. The name for this card could be based on the notes from the conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo who did apparently describe that the hail of stones flung by Aztec slingers was so furious that even well armoured Spanish soldiers were wounded.

I suggested this in a post that I created near the end of last year.


Otontin is still good vs heavy inf… the bigger issue i see is they struggle vs skirm mass. They don’t have anti infantry artillery, alone with Inca, China, India, Lakota. So when a skirm mass is protected by pikes there is no way to kill it