Aztec Arrow Knight should be buffed if Aztec Eagle Runner Knight was nerfed

The Aztecs should have a “Counter-Skirmisher” archer. there are many things that can be done with the Aztecs. That’s why I said that the weakening of the ERK should be done together with a rework. I don’t think they implement any of these ideas in this patch. then the Aztec players will have to wait several seasons without a functional army.

skirmishers are supposed to weaken against coyotes. that’s why I’m speculating that jaguars+coyotes can defeat skirmishers+musketeers.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that this patch is going to be a disaster for the Aztecs.

It’s true for Inca Lakota and China as well. To some extent india too. There is no anti infantry unit. So a ball of musk and skirm can confidently walk into enemy base without worrying about falc shots landing out of nowhere

Inca last year has bolas warrior doing negative vs infantry, then the unit becomes trash. The huaraca got same treatment.

China has only flamethrower which does nothing, just die before they can reach anything.

Lakota is same nothing against infantry

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No more HC cards, there isnt space on deck, just no.

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aztecs need a economic buff too for treaty games

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@mkaras92 The [Skull Knight] can remain as they are but be changed so that they can buff the stats of other military units in their vicinity, similar to the [War Chief], and have a population limit as well like the [Warrior Priest].

My reason for this is because the [Skull Knight] are based on the “Tlacochcalcatl” which is the rank of those who led other Aztec warriors in battle. Their rank is roughly equivalent to the modern title of a Field marshal according to the Wikipedia. And it seems that the office of Tlacochcalcatl was often the last step towards becoming the next “Tlatoani” (Ruler] of a state. Since this rank was most likely only given to a select few in the Aztec society it is therefore kinda weird that you can potentially train an army of Field marshals.

If you are looking for giving the Aztecs a second hand shock infantry unit then I would suggest the “Cuachicqueh” (Shorn Ones) instead, because their role was to apparently serve as shock troopers in the Aztec army where they would be more mobile than other warriors. They could be given to the Aztecs in a future update as a new unit for them and be trained from the [Nobles’ Hut] building.

The Shorn Ones could have the ability to taunt other enemy units which will force them to always prioritise attacking the Shorn Ones within a certain radius. I remembered reading somewhere that Aztecs warriors did taunt their enemies in battle.


the price of the jaguars should also be modified. It’s hard to balance the economy when one of your units costs 90 food and 30 gold. I think 70 food + 50 gold or 60 of both would be better.

That would be another nerf. The strongest point is the food, aztecs are the fastest farming

I always like to read some history behind a unit/potential unit :slight_smile: Thanks for posting it.

Well, I suggested Skull Knight rework because of 3 reasons:

  • after ERK nerf Aztec will need a good anti-infantry unit potentially with area damage
  • Skull Knight is the strongest Aztec unit with big area damage and it is completely underused. Noone is sending 4 or 6 Skull Knight cards in Age III apart from defensive pop
  • Skull Knight is redundant as fourth anti-cavalry unit in Aztec army

I don’t think Aztec needs more units, they already have enough. They all just need to be useful :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, after some thinking, maybe you are right about new unit :wink:. Euro civs still have more units than natives so there is a place for new one if devs chooses this solution.

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It sounds good and it is historically accurate which is great too. But problem with Slingers is simple - they are too cheap in my opinion to have area damage/DOT.

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You are welcome. I can’t really say that I am an expert when it comes to history, but I did put some effort for finding this information that I shared on this thread.

The [Arrow Knight] could perhaps be the unit for the Aztecs that could deal with groups of enemies. They could cause splash damage or rather area denial damage through a charged ability where they will shoot a fiery arrow that will set the area that it strikes on fire. This fire will spread out to a certain radius and cause damage to any enemy unit that is inside of it, where it will last there for a certain amount of time.

Not only do the European or Vanilla civilisations have more units than the Native American civilisations, two of them have been given new units with the Update 13.27885 that came out last year in October. The Ottomans have been given 4 new unique units with this update while the Germans can train the Landwehr after sending the [Scharnhorst Reform] card.

If the developers can do this treatment for these civilisations then the same can be done for the Aztecs and every other civilisation in the game, where they can get at least one more unique unit or more.

As for the [Otontin Slinger] they could have a similar cost to the Incan [Jungle Bowman] in order to compensate for their ability to cause a bleeding DOT against enemy units. Or maybe this bleeding effect have to be unlocked later in the game than being available for them at default.

The jaguar warrior could be modified, the changes would be:

-the jaguar warrior is no longer heavy infantry.

-Acquires a negative bonus against all cavalry.

-improve your armor from 0.1 to 0.2.

-Ritual Gladiators adds 0.2 armor from a distance (the jaguar has double armor)

Another option would be to make similar changes to the skulls:

-skulls stop being heavy infantry.

-lose their bonus against cavalry or acquire a negative bonus.

-Improve your speed to 4.5.

-Wall of Skulls allows skulls to be trained in noble huts.

The Aztecs also need economic improvements, one option is:

-Smoking Mirror moves to age 4 and improves the work rate of warrior priests from 2 to 3.6, but villagers can no longer work in the Community Plaza.

Other changes I would like:

-advanced scouts upgrade to eagle scout.

-native civilizations can train “mercenaries” from the native embassy. These “mercenaries” would be upgraded versions of the units they already have.

-Some Aztec units gain the ability to stun with the whistle of death.

-Chichimeca Rebellion allows some Aztec units to get promotions after killing a unit.

-ERKs only get a negative bonus against heavy infantry.

Arrow Knight seems an obvious choice to add multiplier against infantry/area damage. But I’m not a big fan of this solution. It would make AK much more expensive. They already are problematic because of their high coin cost (80). Aztecs with their weak eco would have a problem to create more coin heavy units.

And the second reason is their poor maneuverability, low speed and long setup animation. AKs are just not fun to use. So I’d rather prefer not to rely on them even more.


just gave them this its really good idea and they also created more slowly than other units so making them little op dont hurt anyone i guess(im talking about the treaty games)

  • Add a new card so skull knights can trained 5 soldiers at ceremonial thing,i think that would be enough for skull knights
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