Aztec counter to skirmishers

Either the Indian skirmisher is ■■■■■■■■, or the Aztecs have no cost effective counter against skirmishers. My cyote worriors which are supposed to counter skirmishers still get shredded by skirmishers. They really should have either a bigger range resistance or a multiplier against skirms.

Also the Indian architecture card should not increase the build speed for sepoys as its ■■■■■■■■ that someone can make an entire base inside your base with 2 units within a span of 5 seconds. Literaly impossible to do anything about it.


Coyotes need their 2/3 cards to be effective against skirmishers.
About sepoys, they are the unique unit that can build for indians, also indian buildings arent the fastest creating units, they are fine. All you have to do is to kill sepoys, you have to remember that aztecs units spam faster

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I am talking about their ability to build. Also for a unit thats advertised and basically the only unit able to counter skirmishers and it needs 3 cards for that is ■■■■■■.

I know that, but if their units are created slowly they need to build a lot of barracks. Also you can destroy them before units are created.
About coyotes, they are cheaper than hussars and can destroy an entire arny if used properly with war song

Both. The indian skirmisher is just a cheaper version of the needle gunner but with same combat capabilities. They are very very very very powerful, and worse, they come in age 2, where they obliterate everything that’s not riding a horse.

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Even with those cards, they kinda trash vs skirmishers. Coyotes have no damage multiplier, and only 0.20 of antiproyectile. Apart from that, the dumb pathfinding of the game makes them get stucked once they reach infront of other unit and get wrecked by projectiles.

They should be fixed in next patch.

Running coyotes are effective against any light infantry. (even without the multiplier)

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They really are not, 20 cyote will lose against 20 skirms.

I think thats because its an equal pop fight. similarly 10 cav vs 20 skirm the skirms win as well

A unit, which is supposed to counter another unit, shouldnt have to have more pop space and resources then what they counter, otherwise its simply not a counter.

Otherwise I can say that pikeman counter skirms as long as you train enough of them. If they spam skirms Aztecs literaly have nothing to use except cyote, which in turn are very bad and not cost or pop effective. Also pretty sure 10 hussars win vs 20 skirms

You have to use war song, thats all. My main civ are aztecs in treaty where skirmishers are a must, in DE I have won against Portugal, India, Dutch and Germans and their skirmishers. Coyotes with ERKs are very effective.

War song with 10 priesters doesnt do that much, and still doesnt make them beat skirmishers cost effective. If you add more vills it means you have even weaker eco and it also means you cant do the faster train time dance, meaning you cant pop them out as fast as possible.

And again, a unit, which is supposed to counter skirmishers needs 3 cards, a war dance costing 10 priests and 15 more villagers to actually do something. That isnt a counter. Then jaguar knight counter them aswell, as long as you take every upgrade, card and war dance there is.

I know it was an issue before that Aztecs struggles by a lot to Skirms + canons

As someone said, you need the Temple card + the free age2 card upgrade + aztec mining to make coyote cost efficient.

But sorry, I didn’t get to play a lot recently, even tho I followed the patches.

On paper the change of wood-cost to gold-cost is amazing in this kind of fights. And the temple cost from 1k gold to 500 is also amazing.

It means at age3, now you have two powerspikes : Aztecs mining and the Temple card.

Thats a huge investment of shipments and besides if they then again switch units you have wasted 3 cards. A unit shouldnt have to take 3 cards and a dance to have a counter, definatly if its your only counter to a pretty big group of units. Its simply not a good counter then.

And still I doubt that the 3 cards will really boost it that much, you still probably will lose a lot of units and barely being cost effective. If the others have cards to boost skirms, not to mention arsenal upgrades you will probably be back were you were.

Mass eagle runners are better to kill skirms than coyotes. I usually mix them, since coyotes per se are really bad

I use max plaza, your units are very strong with this. I have a very good k/d ratio in my games and economy isnt a problem with 43 on food and 42 on coin with infinite coin crates. About fertilicity dance I have 1 as hotkey for plaza and its a must changing plaza continuosly playing as natives. You cant play like Japan with golden pavillion