Aztec knights combat cards rework

I feel like pumas, coyotes, and otomis should have at least one combat card to make them viable past age 4, my solution is to change the Aztec combat cards for knights to all infantry, leave the attack + hit points for just knights and in age 3 while changing the lone attack card to age 2 as well as hit points in age 2 but for all infantry like they did Incas. This will free up space in age 3 for more crucial age 3 cards and buff war hut units a little bit. I know this will also buff Aztec age 2 but honestly the Aztec rush has been nerfed countless of times with weaker pikes, weaker maya and Zapotec siege, otomis cards reduce by 1 each, coupled with sub par eco because they only start with 5 workers, it’s not insane to make this change, trust me it will change Aztec dynamic but most of all free up space for age 3 cards!!! What do you guys think?


I think that Aztec’s Age II should not be changed. Despite all nerfs for Aztec they still are very powerful in Commerce Age. War Huts units are strong and cost-efficient in the beginning of the game.

However I agree that War Hut units are becoming weaker when the game progress. And as you said Age III deck is very crowded. So instead of moving Knight Attack (or Knight Hitpoints) card to Age II it could be moved to Industrial Age and buff all Aztec units, not only Knights.

That’s not a bad idea but Aztec age 3 will suffer without those upgrade cards, very crucial cards. I have to disagree, rushing in this game is putting you in a vulnerable spot if you fail, an Aztec rush is very micro intensive, while it’s a strong rush it also requires good execution.

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All military units “historically” speaking are suppoused to be of upper class “knight” in Aztec civ, Gameplay wise would be nice to have early units buffed in general, tough I suppoused the way the game is “design” is to have this early units weaker late game, as pikemen, crossbowman, for example.