Aztec lack of anti cav in age 2

hi its very hard to battle masses of cav in age 2 with aztec. The pumas are to easy to kill no matter how good u micro.

Me thinks the problem is actually with coyote runners because a mass of them just dies so easily to Cav that they are pretty much a hard counter. Where as Euro civs can use cav to block or cancel other cav out.

Maybe try sending 2 skull knights and keep them in defensive mode, along with your regular puma mass…

upside is age 3 have best anti- cav.

The Aztecs need a few buffs for sure but anti-cav in age 2 in definitely not their weakness.

Puma Spearman is in every way a better unit than Pikeman (more HP, more melee resistance, stronger melee attack, stronger siege attack). The same as Pikeman it has x5.0 multiplier against cavalry.

You simply can’t ask for a better counter.


Well the problem is they have no strong cav unit which can tank shots, so they just melt because they get shot by skirm or musk and u have nothing to block them.

And after age II they have the best anti-cav unit in the game.

Aztec several issues, but regarding unit composition.

  • They have a lackluster cav unit,
  • Their colonial composition cannot be one unit (you cant mass muskets or Huss or rods or whatever) making they WAY more complex to play than most civs (demanding more micro);
  • Their late game armies suffer from not having a good skirm unit, as their anti infantry units are all melee, and all die to mass musks or mass skirms.
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ERKs basically counter muskets directly, and they even trade well against most skirm units once you’ve got all 4 cards in. then splash in coyotes and AK for artillery and sieging. I don’t think their late game has any compositional issues except against Cassadores, Yumi, Jaegars, and perhaps State Militia.

Coyotes can even trade well against cav in early game, you just have to get Coyote Combat, and make sure you have enough vills on the plaza to hit 20 attack (I forget the number of vills but it’s just 11% damage, so I think it’s about 10) against hussar or just 19 attack against uhlans. At this point, it takes an upgraded hussar 7 hits to kill a coyote, and takes a coyote 16 hits to kill a hussar. So 2 coyotes against 1 hussar, you’ll just barely lose one coyote. At this point, they trade very efficiently in cav battles.

If Aztec is under-powered in any way, it’s that they get out-boomed unless they rush, and rushing rarely pays off in DE. Then hussar > coyote before coyote combat and warrior priests come in, so aztec feels the pressure if both players semi-ff.


The problem of Aztecs is not lack of anti-cavalry, the Puma Spearmen combined with Arrow Knights are pretty good against cavalry spam. The big problem is lack of anti-artillery. Coyote Runners constitute for hussars but they are much weaker to be honest. At least Incans have got forts so miliary can hide and re emerge at needed time when enemy starts an artilery rush, Aztecs are doomed to fail.

Aztecs are fine, look at inca, they just have spearmen and the dragoon equivalent they get in age 3 is 1 of the worst in the game, at least aztecs get the incredible eagle runner knights.
I’ve honestly never struggled vs cav with inca either, it’s just a matter of microing 1 group of archers/skirms and 1 group of spearmen. and not taking bad trades.

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They havent got a dragoon equivalent, bolas are like caroleans, being HI with bonus vs cav at range

It’s the closest thing to a dragoon they have, ranged anti-cav. Serves the same purpose as a dragoon but it’s trash tier.