Aztec noob - community plaza questions

So I build a community plaza. Then place my War Priest there and hit ‘w’ to do a ‘gift ceremony’.

This gives me experience, yes? Is there any way to see the experience? I don’t see the ‘+’ floating up over the plaza. If I put citizens in the Communityh Plaza do they increase the experience? Seems like trading food/wood/coin for experience would not be a good deal.

Is there any way to get another War Priest? Seems like a pretty good unit with 360 health. If you get get more would they be good in combat?

Anyone using the ‘Q’ - Harvest Speed Unit? Seems like it might be worthwhile depending on how much speed you get.

Any other tips on Aztec (particularly community center) welcome. This is different from the English, French, Dutch, etc, that I’ve played.

ok so there’s a lot to digest with the plaza. you get extra priests by using the healer ceremony, with a maximum of 10. the plaza is key for azzy to succeed in every game mode so if you want some specific answers I’ll be able to help. I wrote a 30 page guide to aztec a few years back. its outdated on a few things now but if you’d like a .pdf of it i can supply that as well

‘the plaza is key for azzy to succeed in every game mode’

Very heavy statement there. I had a feeling there was more to the Community plaza than I was seeing.

How do these extra abilities past ‘gift ceremony’, ‘harvest speed unit’ and ‘buff war chief’ get found? Do they show up when you age up or do you have to research them?

Thanks for any info.

I forget if its in every UI mode but there should be a box at the bottom/next to your resources where there will be a number displaying the benefit being provided by the ceremony (if its the xp one it will be xp per sec, if its the attack one it will be the % boost, if its the fertility one then its % reduction in build time, if its the ones that spawn units like the Skull Knights or the priest then it will be how many secs it takes till the unit spawns)


Welcome to the community of aztec players!! Hehe

The War Chief dance rescues him and boost his HP if alived.

At age 2 you get healer ceremony, that spawns warrior priest (that work x2 speed than villagers), until a max of 10.

At age 3 you get healing ceremony that heals EVERY unit that is idle (not moving, gathering or fighting). The most powerfull way to heal in the entire game.

At age 4 you get a ceremony to spawn Skull Knights, a very powerfull unit with splash damage amd high siege that have a charged attack.

Also, there are 3 ceremonies that can be unlocked by semding cards:

  • Town ceremony: Boost HP and attack of finished buildings but walls (we are talking about DE, right?:face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

  • Water ceremony: Boost HP and attack of ships (but mercenary ones on DE)

  • Calendar ceremony: Added on DE with a shipment of a warrior priest. It becomes cheaper aging up. It works in transition too.

If you want to success with aztecs, the first of all is to learn and practice the use of the plaza as switching it is a must, specially fertility and attack ones.

The ceremonies stack on final stats, this means that It will boost more to an imperial unit than to a veteran one. Or a unit with cards than other without them. Short words: they become stronger later in the game.

If you havent play with natives, I guess(as you dont know how plaza works) check the shipments from docks that cost coin. The ones called after a temple boost a kind of unit, being one of them a boost to farms and estates.

Aztecs get the most powerfull food farms ingame thanks to their cards (food silos, susteinable agriculgure, chinampa, great chinampa, temple and grain market) and aging up to imperial with wise women.

Tribal council (age ups bonus) become better in later ages, so choosing a specific order is important. Example: wise women send you a travois in age 2 plus 10% bonus on farms but in age 5 she will send 2 travois and 20% on farms.

About units:

  • Coyotes are shock infamtry and work as heavy cavalry (hussars) of other civs, be countered by the same units.

  • ERKs same as coyotes but working as light cavalry (dragoons).

  • AKs, infantry that receives a (bit) lesser damage from canons and counters them. Also your siege unit.

  • JPK, heavy infantry that cuts heads of halberdiers like butter thanks to his x3 bonus against heavy infantry. Not that good vs musketeers cause range attack, but a nightmare at melee.