Aztec overhaul and other civ rework ideas megathread!

Hey guys, I know since the release of the US and all the new mechanics that have come out, some of the older civs(particularly natives) feel a bit dull. So I think here we could come up with some cool new ideas/cards for them and also make use of some of the new concepts/gameplay aspects from DE. This is what I got so far:

Card ideas:


Encampments(IV) - Teepee cost increased, Teepees now slowly train small batches of Lakota infantry for free
Enviornmentalist(I) - All resources gather slightly faster(+5%), Natural resources last much longer


Gunstock Clubs(III) - Warriors(Fire pit unit) are upgraded to Gunstock Warriors, melee heavy infantry who no longer lose hitpoints, have a higher build limit(still must be created from fire pit) and gain a charge attack ability:

Tamahakan: The unit throws a tomahawk at the target enemy from (12) range, dealing hand attack damage and applying snare. Like other charge abilities, this will go on cooldown and the unit will continue to deal their damage in melee.

Forest Settlements(INFINITE - IV) - All longhouses spawn a tree.


My main civ. Naturally I have a ton of ideas here that are most likely OP as hell but maybe some of them could be fun to see in future civs!

Teocalli(III) - Ships a Temple.
Temple - Upgrade building, similar to an arsenal/consulate. Can train warrior preists from them, and can select one of 3 gods, each god has 4 unique techs. Similar to a consulate - except you cannot change afterwards.


Huitzilopochtli(War God)(300f) - All military units gain +5% HP, and train 10% faster

Warrior Preist(200c)

Fierce Combat(400w,400c) - ALL melee units attack speed slightly increased.

Battlefield Taunts(450f,450w) - Your warchief now slightly decreases the attack speed of nearby enemies

Aztec Blood Sacrifice(800c) - From now on, whenever one of your land military units kill an enemy, they will regain health equal to a small % of the target’s max hp.

Chimalli(200w, 500c) - Units armed with shields(Otonin Slingers, Coyote Runners, Eagle Runner Knights, Jaguar Prowlers) hitpoints increased and gain a small amount of armor.

Quetzalcoatl(Impovement God)(300w) - Moderate discount on most upgrades and big buttons, and they research faster.

Warrior Preist(200c)

Macehualtin(350w,350c) - War Hut units cost less

City State(600f) - Increases your max pop by 10, can exceed 200(210 max pop)

Mesoamerican Ally(250w,250c) - Enables the Mayans as an ally at your embassy(access to all techs/upgrades, similar to inca embassy)

Hegemony(100w) - Your next age up is discounted, but takes longer.

Coatlicue(Economy God)(300c) - Gain a small trickle of all resources(0.5f, 0.5w, 0.5g, 0.15xp)

Warrior Preist(200c)

Configure to Food - Slowly produces food

Configure to Wood - Slowly produces wood

Configure to Coin - Slowly produces coin

Flower wars(750w) - Kill bounties also deposit 5% of their value directly into your stockpile as coin.

Some of these ideas are most likely broken but I figure it’d still be fun to theory craft and think of some new ideas for how these civs can be brought up to date! Feel free to share rework concepts of your own!