Aztec Raiding Party has had negative value ever since the Jaguar Knight rework

So the Aztec TC Big Buttons used to be cost-efficient for getting how many Jaguar Knights out of it that you did. But with the rework of last year to Jaguars making them cost 30 food less and have correspondingly weaker stats, the TC Big Buttons are now negative value which I assume is unintended. The baseline Scouting Party is the only exception to this and is cheaper than training 4 Jaguars but the other two are pretty messed up, I don’t know how to fix this to bring it up to date but probably just lowering the cost of each of the upgrades would bring it back to the state it used to be in. Maybe from 480 down to 450 or something (7% cheaper). What do y’all think?


Jaguars cost 90f 30c, first big button for Aztec cost 480f, which is not a negative value.

This is exactly what OP said. Did you even read his entire post?


OP is talking about the Aztec Raiding Party and Aztec War Party techs, not Aztec Scouting Party.

They EXPLICITLY called out Aztec Scouting Party as being the only one that’s still cheaper than training Jaguar Knights following their cost changes.

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Good shout, this is being tracked.


I take advantage, and notice that the same thing happens with the BB tomahawks of the Haudenosaunee.

You’re right that the Haudenosaunee TC Big Buttons are “worse” than they used to be because Tomahawks cost less, however the reduction in cost for Tomahawks was only 8% compared to the 23% reduction of the Jaguar Prowl Knights. Still, a small cost reduction for Haude may be in order.

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