Aztec schiavone

This is not about personal tastes or “I would prefer.” We have to be objective. It’s for an improvement in the game, making it more attractive, not letting it die… what you literally propose is a card in the mexican civ. It is something that should exist independent of adding units.

What if we give Arrow Knights a strong melee area attack, like that of the grenadiers? Now that they are heavy infantry. And they historically had a macuachuitl. May not be the final solution, but it is a good start.

Jaguar knight should have a bonus against all infantry instead only against HI?

Another solution I’ve seen in the forum is creating a new unit: the Cuachicquec as the noble version of a shock infantry. Sturdy, fast, and terrific in melee battle, but expensive and potentially with a limit, with area attack, bonus against light infantry, this look (but with JPK anims)


Maybe the Arrow Knight (Cuextecatl) and the Puma Spearman can swap places in terms of roles, where the Arrow Knight becomes the Pikeman unit for the Aztecs instead and where the Puma Spearman will be the one that fires arrows from long range.

The Puma Spearman could then also be renamed to “Tequihua”, and be remodelled to resemble them, because archers in the Aztec army were apparently designated as Tequihua, while the Arrow Knight could be renamed to [Cuextecatl Spearman].

This Tequihua unit could also have the ability to deal AoE damage or area denial damage from range, which will make them effective against clumps of enemies.

Yes, another melee option, thats what aztecs need!!! Its not like their roster is 95% melee focused.

They need an answer to infantry at range because ERKs oVeRpErForMed


How about just making Skull Knights the shock infantry?
There are Pumas and Jagaurs so the 3rd heavy hand infantry may not be necessary.

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It would be an easy solution but if you are suggesting to only make the [Skull Knight] into an shock infantry unit, while keeping its appearance, the problem then is that it could still be confused for being an heavy infantry unit.

The Skull Knight is designed to be similar to the German [Doppelsoldner] and other heavy infantry units in the game that wields either two-handed swords or clubs, and where the Skull Knight is armed with an Huitzauhqui (a two-handed war club that looks similar to the Macuahuitl).

Introducing the Shorn Ones as a new unit to the Aztecs who will serve as an additional shock infantry unit for them would be a better idea, due to the fact that these warriors actually functioned as shock troops for the Aztecs in reality while the Skull Knight or rather the Tlacochcalcatl did not. The primary role of the Tlacochcalcatl was to lead the Aztec army into battle, where their rank was roughly equivalent to the modern title of a Field Marshal.

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Why should it replace the Skull Knight? We could have both. The Shaven Head Knight could be an atlatl flinger that counters skirms but not light cavalry at range.

And since the Aztecs are clearly a multi-ethnic civ as the Arrow Knight and Otontin Slinger show, we could also add a Tlaxcaltec lancer-type cavalry unit (call it the Pipiltin?) for greater diversity. After all, the Tlaxcaltecs still spoke a Nahua language, no?

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Because the skull knight is a made up unit. Its skin represents the Tlacochcalcatl, who basically was the supreme military leader in absence of the emperor himself. The cuachicqueh were the actual “berserkers” of the Aztecs.

Imo the tlaxcalan would be a much better fit as unique spanish allies. They were sworn enemies to the Aztecs.


Arrow Knight (or rather Cuextecatl, which is what I wished they’d called them) and Otontin were originally conquered/allied tribes that got assimilated and we’re impressive enough to become a rank/tier/society type for Aztec nobles to pursue in.

As mentioned above Tlaxcaltecs were enemies so make little sense, especially as a cavalry unit.


Add Shorn Ones and make Skull knights General.
Like weaker daimyos?

No, it should be a skin for the warchief, nothing else.

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OMG !!!

18 Range?? Holy shit… what those lungs are made of??

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Their replacement, Shorn Ones could have some sort of minor passive buff that could effect lesser, Warhut units (inspiring the plebs, ha) but nothing too radical (and possibly make any passive aura thing shipment only).

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Maybe there is a chance in the future that the [Arrow Knight] will be renamed to “Cuextecatl”, and where other Aztec units such as the [Jaguar Prowl Knight] and the [Eagle Runner Knight] will have the “Knight” term removed from their names.

I have already mentioned this in an earlier post in this thread, but another idea would be to swap the roles between the [Arrow Knight] and the [Puma Spearman], where the Arrow Knight becomes the pikeman unit for the Aztecs instead while the Puma Spearman will be the one that fires arrows from long range.

By doing this the Aztecs could have the [Cuextecatl Spearman]. And where the Puma Spearman could be renamed to “Tequihua” and remodelled to resemble soldiers of this respective rank, because Aztecs archers were apparently designated as Tequihua.

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Yeah, I’d love the Knight term to be removed - it’s a completly European terminology. In reality the high-ranking elite warriors were Soceties and Noble Warriors.

Yep, that makes sense - Cuextecatl as a Warrior Noble would rather use melee. The Puma Spearman are a weird one as their costumes are like Aztec officer/generals!

Tequihua was just a term for warriors who have captured over 4 enemies (I think it pretty much means ‘Brave Warrior’) - it’s a catch all term for the 4-captor rank as a Tequihua was high-ranking enough to go into a specific warrior society (Eagle and Jaguar warriors for example). They can be archers or anything really (though like all Warrior societies, would rather use melee and be in the front line to gain more captors).

Generally Nobles would want the conscripted Commoners - Yāōquīzquehand the Novice warriors doing to the archery and slinging so that the high-rankers can lead the army into melee combat.


If that is the case, would a name such as “Tlahhuītōlli Marksman” or something similar to it work as a name for the Aztec archer instead or do you have any other ideas for a name?

Tlahhuītōlli was the name of the war bow used by Aztec archers, which was made from wood of the tepozan tree and had a length of 1.5 meters (about 5 feet).

Edit: I was spontaneous when I came up with the name “Tlahhuītōlli Marksman”, so it might not be a good sounding name.

I have this idea. Replacing the Outlaws in Native Embassy, the units:

  • Antiskirmisher Blowgunner
  • Cuachicqueh
  • ?
  • ?

Cuachicqueh. Strong Shock infantry with area attack. 2 pop, build limit. Maybe bonus against something

I’m not a fan of the cuachicqueh being only accessible through the native embassy, as they were part of the the Aztec army, not some employed mercenary or outlaw. As stated above, they should be a replacement to the skull knight.

However, I do agree the american outlaws are VERY out of place in the aztec embassy.

I don’t want get rid of the Skull Knight and convert their model in a skin for War Chief, even if it is the historically right way.
I would prefer the Cuachicqueh in Nobles’ Hut, but I would prefer get rid of Wild West outlaws for Aztecs.