Aztecs and USA

Well, I played the PUP a bit, I can say the following things.


First, I really liked the changes to the Aztecs, there are only a few things that I think need to be modified slightly.
One of those things is this shipment,

I think it is, one of the most powerful shipments that can be sent, I think they should reduce the bonus that the ceremony gives you, eliminate the WP that they offer you for free, and maybe move the ship to the commercial age. Another change, but one that I don’t know if the shipment were to be rendered useless, is that if the ceremony is changed in the community plaza, the age advance cost will not remain with the discount… Why am I saying this?

Minute 8:15, I am in fortresses, with 10 WP in my community plaza, a barrack and a shipment ready, and I did not even collect treasures with my WC, so if this Build order is practiced well, one can get all this to the minute 8 … and let me tell you, it’s too powerful.

And of course, minute 11 in Industrial, ready to start spamming Skull Knights.

I know it is an unpopular opinion what I am going to say, but the SK is very underrated, it is a very good and strong unit, and if you can have it as soon as possible, the better.

The BO is as follows.
TP and community plaza are built, 100 w are cut for a house.
You advance in age with 15-16 villagers, with the Chief or the Elder.
The shipments that are made are: 3 villagers, Calendar Ceremony, 3 Warrior Priests, 600 gold, 5 Warrior Priest and 1000 wood.
If you play with the community plaza between the gift ceremony and the calendar ceremony, you can get very good timings.

Then, other things that I would like to suggest, are the cards that allow you to recover JWP and SK per shipment for every 2 you lost in the game. These cards must be adjusted or must have a cost per unit, for example 50 f for each JWP and 100 f for each SK.


The truth is that the nerfs to the USA were very forceful, although the nerf to the coyboys seemed right to me and the nerf to the State Militia was very necessary and I applaud them standing up, I think that now the USA lost too much power, it must be buffeted in its early game.

The only thing I can suggest about balance is the issue of the Carbine Cavalry. If Lee’s legion is sent, the carabinieri must have rank 12 and not 14, otherwise it will be very strong, when the USA player reaches fortresses, these can be updated and recover their rank 14.

Regarding the rest of the changes to the PUP, I would love that the fact that the travois haudenosaunee can build TPs would remain (and it was not an oversight or mistake by the developer), although I think it would make the haudes a very strong civilization on maps with larges TP, but it would compensate the fact of not having the card of 3 TP travois or 700 wood.
Regarding the Incas, I think that the cost of 400 wood for the two kallankas is exaggerated, I reiterate, the best thing is that the shipment is of a single kallanka and allows to create only Inca ball warriors.

So that, thank you very much devs for this great work, it is much appreciated!


As I have seen that ceremony doesnt work properly, it should be -2/sec (1 each priest) but its -0.5/WP, as a villager, so its thought to be more OP than you are saying.
I dont know how it will work on multiplayer but I think that the cost is not reduced that much. I mean, you can spam vills faster with fertility or gathering XP dances.

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Lee’s legion is luckluster and us already has huge problems holding off sustained cavalry attacks in age2. I think US really neefs buffs right now. Cowboy rush was the only thing keeping it viable.


I like the change, and with the buffs to the unit itself hopefully it works out to be viable. I always found cowboys tough to use right away since I always wanted to use both the advanced saloon and the dance halls to make them in any serious quantity.

I will respectfully disagree. One of the reasons that the Iroquois were so strong on the legacy version of this game was exactly because of the travois could build TPs and the explorer could manually build another one with wood crates from the start.

This 2 super early TPs made Iroquois rushes almost impossible to hold. I definitively would not like to see those again.

I do agreed with everything else on the topic though.


I didn’t have time to test Aztec changes thoroughly but the timings provided by @EliteRiflemann are not too powerful. By the 8:15 minute mark Ottoman player can be half way to your base with 2 Falconets + 15-20 Janissaries + 4 Hussars. The same Spanish player.

Gredy Dutch player is capable of having the same amount of villagers as Aztec player but with at least 4 additional banks which is equivalent of 18 unupgraded villagers on coin. So massive economic advantage for him.

This BO looks good but it is greedy and can be punished. And even if executes perfectly it is not better than other popular civs.


Yes, you are correct, I mentioned it to Garja, and he told me that he gets it much earlier, minute 7:30 - 7:45, but clearly he lags behind against the Spanish, Ottomans and Chinese.

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My opinion about Lee’s Legion is that now that it is cheaper, and the carbines have more range, they will easily eliminate most of the musketeers in early game. It is basically the same problem as the Lakota bow rider but more OP


Agree, besides, i think with 10 warrior priests and 15 villagers the maximum is like -16.5 resources p/s, so is just giving you 16.5 resources p/s wich is mostly food, and that is as if you had your 15 vills just recollecting resources anyway, and with the 10 WP i think is 9 res p/s, so it´s just like having 10 extra villagers, wich is great, but considering you can gather 11 xp p/s instead of that, it´s still great but i don´t think it is OP honestly, but don´t know.


I think Calendar Ceremony is bugged (it should give 1 res/s for every WP dancing and 0.5 res/s for every villager dancing). So it should give 10 res/s for 10 WP and 17.5 res/s for 10 WP + 15 villagers.
In you case it looks like 1 res/s is missing every time.

I reported it yesterday on Steam PUP thread but with no response so far.

Anyway, I hope that Calendar Ceremony will be viable option to choose instead of XP dance in some strategies.


Also we cant change to WP dance from calendar one directly.

Yeap, I also reported it already. Devs are tracking this one :slight_smile:


Calendar Ceremony bug is also tracked by the Dev Team :slight_smile:

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