Aztecs really top tiers?

I used to play often Aztecs and I didnt play for few weeks. After the patch, it looks like they are worst and not necessarly according to the patched things.

If my memory is good, there were 2 eagles upgrades, now only 1? Or they become eagle warrior at feudal age automatically ?

Also it seems eagles became weaker vs scoots and vs archers… Or it is my imagination ?

In The Conquerors there were no Eagle Scouts – Eagle Warriors became available with no upgrade required in Castle Age. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?

They’re not weaker but their price was raised in a recent patch.


Strong civ for the most part of the game, has its power diminished (compared to any other civ) for the imperial age, but they do really, really, REALLY well Castle Age. It has been nerfed in the latest patchs tho.

Lacking halb hurts a bit, although pikes with Garland Wars are actually pretty decent and with the best monks in the game they can put up a decent fight vs. knight civs. Also if you get all the relics you can put together a decent gold heavy composition with eagles / siege / trebs in the late game with the relic bonus when your opponent has only trash.

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Worst? Aztecs got like more than 60% winrate in KOTD5 and they are S tier class in both Viper & Hera lists. All mesos need nerfs especially the Eagle line. Aztecs monks still also so problematic and hard to deal with them. Even their relic team bonus is strong.


Definitely among the Top 3 strongest Land Civilization Age of Empires II ever had. They’re a bit overlooked because it’s unusual to most players to play without horses, but they are insane for closing games quickly with a win. They’re likely compared to that cheap character in a MOBA game, or that overpowered weapon in FPS games, like Beretta, 9A91, that players hate on you when they’re picked because of how efficient they settle the game down.

Top tier but not easy to play. Most of the players cant use their full power.