Aztecs should speak REAL Nahuatl in Age 4!

I’m almost sure the Aztecs will appear in Age 4, if not at first, then later. But I do hope they get it right this time with them speaking real Nahuatl, not that invented language they’re speaking everywhere else. What a shame, Mexico being so close by and there being so many Nahuatl speaking people in the States also!


Sorry to break to you but the devs, for some reason, choosed the Incas over the Aztecs at the start… (not even sure why, the aztecs got more interesting units, the eagle warrior they gave to every meso civ in AOE2DE is an Aztec warrior, not sure why they gave it to all meso civs)

so yeah, we will prob get aztecs in 2 years on some overpriced DLC

Thank you for the news! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But anyway, the same thing goes… Incas, Mapuches, Aztecs, Navajo… the issue here is using their real languages instead of some invented ones, nicely as they may sound. Quechua, the language of the Incas, and one of the 3 official languages of Peru, is quite easy to come by, since a LOT of people speak it there, so there should be no lack of good arguments to use it.

Herewith an image of a street name in Quechua, in Cusco, the old capital city of the Incas ( just a stone’s throw from Machu Picchu).

There is no confirmed Inca civilization in AoE4, dont know how the poster before came up with this.


I will be so happy to see a Americas DLC, with each civ having unique buildings and age up wonders, its going to be glorious.

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Toltecs (c. 900-c. 1200) and Aztecs (c. 1200-1521) should be merged into one single Nahuas civilisation imo.

Please cite your authority that the Incas are included at launch, the Aztecs are not, or anything else for that matter.


Here, it’s in spanish, translate it.

The article was written two years ago and in the English translation, the writer appears to speak from the viewpoint of someone who has merely watched the announcement video and has no other knowledge whatsoever. The author states that the video shows the Andes, giving “the Incas the possibility of appearing in the video game.”

That’s mere speculation and not authority.


Looking at the article posted before, you can see that the site is from Peru, so no wonder they have published a picture of Machu Picchu!

My point of view -completely out of the blue, mind you- is that the developers would, in any case, include the Aztecs first and out of intuition I’d say they’ll be in version one of Age 4. Bets are on.

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They articles claims there will be Incas because in the right side of the gif preview of the trailer shown in 2019 (Age of Empires 4 - Official Gameplay Trailer | X019 - YouTube 0:07) appears crop terraces. But when the trailer was released, we realised (and it was obvious) that they werent crop terraces, but the contour lines of the mountain, like the ones used in topographic maps.


I completely agree, there are more than 2 million speakers of Nahuatl, it is the most widely spoken native language in Mexico, and we know that the variant spoken by the Aztecs was practically the same as the Nahuatl of the central valley that is currently spoken, UNAM offers dictionaries Complete online for every word, the whole language is found in google easily, you don’t even need to try too hard.

I hope you are right bro

Sorry to break it to you but the civilizations have leaked already (I won’t share it here or say what they are), but none are Native American.

I do absolutely agree on that. It would be ridiculous to come with another excuse this time.

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